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Genres: Punk / Experimental / Post Hardcore

Location: Kennesaw, GA

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Members: JJ, Jerod, Lee, Sonny, Superman


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Atlanta band wears out welcome with fiery stunt

The Associated Press
FLINT, Mich. — For a few moments last weekend, they were the hottest act in town.

But Treephort wore out its welcome at a downtown club when the lead guitarist set his thong on fire, then removed it and scurried around the stage naked.

The Atlanta-based band was about 20 minutes into its set Saturday night at Flint Local 432 when guitarist Joe Klein dropped his pants, set fire to the thong and removed it. The bass player also stripped and joined Klein in cavorting onstage.

The Local's management ordered the band to get off the stage.

"They threatened to break stated policies of the club, and so we told them their set was over and asked them to leave," club owner Joel Rash told The Flint Journal for a Thursday story.

Two police cars and a fire engine were sent to the club after a 911 call that band members were lighting fires on stage and exposing themselves. No arrests were made and no complaint was filed, according to police records.

The thong stunt violated the Local's insurance policy and city rules against open flames in the building, Rash said.

Treephort concerts routinely feature members dousing a thong with hairspray before igniting it with a lighter, singer Lee Satterfield said. "We've all done it from time to time," he said. "We're professionals; we know what we're doing."

Satterfield said the band would be willing to return to the Local under the right conditions. Rash said that won't happen; Saturday's show "was the first and last."

Last year, a pyrotechnic display went awry at a Great White show at a nightclub in Rhode Island, causing a fire in which 100 people died.

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    Oct 18
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    Add Comment here... treephort is one of my favorite bands. Since the first time I saw them in my friends garage. This band is so cool they got kicked off the warped tour now thats bad ass. Any way these dudes rock plus there like from were im from and stuff Jan 04

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