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Travis MacRae


Genres: Blues / Folk / Indie

Location: Canada

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Members: Travis MacRae

So this is a poem that I wrote on the back of a napkin
In a diner in the Northend that I jotted one night
You have those moments in your life where you sort of realize
That you're probably not going to live as long as you might think you're going to live
And so I wrote on this napkin
And I figured I'd record it now
And you can have it
And I can maybe use my napkin for wiping my face, or wiping my plate
Or maybe just toss it out
But this is it


  • camilla castro said:
    Travis, oh my god! I used to follow you on LiveJournal I think? This was years ago. I spent the last 3 days trying to remember what your name really was, cause I remembered "Too Late To Retreat" and could not find anything else. I've moved a million times and therefore lost all my mix cd's that had my favorite songs/covers of yours and I was wondering if you could resend me a couple? So happy to have found you again!! May 02
  • Johanna said:
    I loooooooooove your music!!!! Jun 26
  • Johanna said:
    I love your music, Travis. I love to relax to it and I listen to them everyday a lot. u such a hottie LOL IM DRUNK May 17

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Aug 14, 2012


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