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Genres: Rock / Post Hardcore / Emo

Location: Indianapolis, IN

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4 tracks

Members: Jared-Drums, Zach-Guitar, Matt-Bass, and Shawn-Vocals and Guitar

Hey there!

This is Jared from trainWRECK! Let me tell you a little about our band! Get your reading glasses on, because it's a long one! Here we go...

trainWRECK Has been together now for two years. They started out as friends who had something very special in common. Their love for the Lord Jesus. They all grew up in church together when they where smaller, not knowing what lay ahead. In 2004 Jared (That's me.) and Zack started taking guitar lessons together. Matt soon joined in, taking bass lessons. In July 2004 they met a guy named Shawn who was the lead singer for a band called "From Me To You". Jared (Me again.) found his dad's college drum set later that month and felt more comfortable playing the "drummer" roll. In August 2004 "From Me To You" split up for personal reasons and In September 2004 Jared, Matt, Zack, and Shawn formed a band called "Feeling The Movement". Staring out, they played at their local church where they grew up, playing as many shows as possible. Then In January 2005 the band changed it's name from "Feeling The Movement" to "trainWRECK", because Matt said "Feeling The Movement" sounds like a boy-band. (We kind of had to agree with him there.) In early March 2005 Shawn picked up an UnderOath album in a local record store. Showing it to the band, they all fell in love with the sound. The band got into the hardcore scene in April 2005, and never turned back. In June 2005 the band went to Cornerstone in hopes to find more inspiration. Discovering new bands like local band Haste The Day made it possible for trainWRECK to be where it is today. trainWRECK Began to practicing and playing their butts of in hopes of recording a demo. In June 2006 Jared (Hey! Me again!) met record producer Pete Anderson and began to record their first self titled demo. After working three months on their album, trainWRECK began a non-profit tour. Playing in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee. After a four month tour, trainWRECK decided to take a short break, focusing on God, family, and other relationship. In December of 2006, the band decided to focus on writing again. This time, focusing on real issues. They have been playing many random shows for the past month now, and are looking at recording an album in the summer of 2007.



  • xohaylieox said:
    Jared rox my world! for suree=] haha. anyways u guys are amazingg =] May 29
  • [[cella marie]] said:
    && sadly- i still scream your name into the night. nothing will EVER be the same without you. i have no idea what love is- until i hear your name. i need you, jare. i won\'t ever forget you. never. nights i spend- mascara running, fingers laced as i pray for you. i love you and i will for the rest of my life. May 21
  • said:
    :]] good music. Feb 07
  • KayMax5 said:
    Jared.....Why are you ignoring me???? Feb 03
  • Autumn_C said:
    JARED!!! Sweet music bud! Kepp up the good work! -Autumn Jan 15

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