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Tragic Landscape


Genres: Rock / Indie / Other

Location: Tulsa, OK

Stats: 71 fans / 9,067 plays / 18 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brent Baldwin (Guitar/Keys/Sax) - Stephen Carradini (Keys/Bass/Vocals) - PC Hance (Drums) - Kyle Smith (Keys/Clarinet)

Next new song will be posted when we pass 9,000 plays. Just thought you'd all like to know that. So get everyone you know to play these songs.

Brent's ambient side project Incas of Emergency
Interview with Stephen of Tragic Landscape.

Tragic Landscape is not:

- trendy
- anything-core
- going to scream at you

Tragic Landscape is:

- an indie-rock band
- a fan of dancing, world music, and video games
- based in various colleges around Oklahoma
- encouraging you to download our music, burn it to CDs, and distribute it.
- making all or part of three albums available here
- wishing you would contact us
- still rocking.


  • Chloe Salter said:
    Hey there :) I like your sound; and Dream Sequence is nice, kinda soothing? Would like to hear the Coldplay and FOB cover on here sometime? Nov 03
  • JFISHAUF said:
    I definitely like the sound. Nice scarf :) Feb 14
  • johnny-uh-oh said:
    I like your DIY style. Chase scene rocks the heezy. Oct 27
  • laroldpbody said:
    Keep building it up fellas! Kudos Oct 24
  • said:
    AWW love the new song...n the pic u guys r soo cute sttill luv say hey! listen to it all the time lol x manda x Oct 19
  • said:
    i love say hey wow ur music is soo cool nice job guys!!! xx Sep 04
  • Radio Dan said:
    Waiting for that email. Would love to have you on RadioX. Wheneve you\'re ready let me know. Aug 27
  • XcryblacktearsX said:
    so stephen? i think. it\'s the chick from jesus camp. peace Aug 24
  • said:
    haha wow found u accidentily...n um really cool sound....good beat keep up the good work guys!!!! xx Aug 21
  • ganjaguru --~ said:
    I love the drum/bass at the beginning - great hook. It sounds like a driving beat and laid-back at the same time. I\'d like to hear a smoother voice with the vocals - maybe even an Amy Lee style female. Jun 07
  • x_erica said:
    hey awesome music you guys. loved every song. i have a myspace btw and im promoting a bunch of bands there so if you want me to give you some free exposure over there i\'ll glady be of service. keep rockin May 17
  • njstudios said:
    Do you guys have a site in the works? I am a web designer... just to let you know. Let me know. Thanks. You guys are really good! May 10
  • soundofconfinement said:
    hey brent. alli here. uh...didnt know u were in a band! or had ur muzik on here either. ill chek yallz out. dunno if ill like it tho! ;) adios Mar 19
  • shilid said:
    Hey thanks for taking the time to comment on my stuff... I dig the piano in your guys\' work in particular. Thank you for not being a screamo or haha, like you said, \"anything-core\" band! Feb 20
  • GabbyB said:
    Love your music, very unique! Feb 03

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