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  • Chloe Salter said:
    Hey there :) I like your sound; and Dream Sequence is nice, kinda soothing? Would like to hear the Coldplay and FOB cover on here sometime? Nov 03
  • JFISHAUF said:
    I definitely like the sound. Nice scarf :) Feb 14
  • johnny-uh-oh said:
    I like your DIY style. Chase scene rocks the heezy. Oct 27
  • laroldpbody said:
    Keep building it up fellas! Kudos Oct 24
  • said:
    AWW love the new song...n the pic u guys r soo cute sttill luv say hey! listen to it all the time lol x manda x Oct 19
  • said:
    i love say hey wow ur music is soo cool nice job guys!!! xx Sep 04
  • Radio Dan said:
    Waiting for that email. Would love to have you on RadioX. Wheneve you\'re ready let me know. Aug 27
  • XcryblacktearsX said:
    so stephen? i think. it\'s the chick from jesus camp. peace Aug 24
  • said:
    haha wow found u accidentily...n um really cool sound....good beat keep up the good work guys!!!! xx Aug 21
  • ganjaguru --~ said:
    I love the drum/bass at the beginning - great hook. It sounds like a driving beat and laid-back at the same time. I\'d like to hear a smoother voice with the vocals - maybe even an Amy Lee style female. Jun 07
  • x_erica said:
    hey awesome music you guys. loved every song. i have a myspace btw and im promoting a bunch of bands there so if you want me to give you some free exposure over there i\'ll glady be of service. keep rockin May 17
  • njstudios said:
    Do you guys have a site in the works? I am a web designer... just to let you know. Let me know. Thanks. You guys are really good! May 10
  • soundofconfinement said:
    hey brent. alli here. uh...didnt know u were in a band! or had ur muzik on here either. ill chek yallz out. dunno if ill like it tho! ;) adios Mar 19
  • shilid said:
    Hey thanks for taking the time to comment on my stuff... I dig the piano in your guys\' work in particular. Thank you for not being a screamo or haha, like you said, \"anything-core\" band! Feb 20
  • GabbyB said:
    Love your music, very unique! Feb 03
  • Idris_IOS said:
    great music, love the new track ;) Jan 23