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  • Azalea22 said:
    I need BENT. PLEASE! You guys are great...keep up the good work! Dec 08
  • dirrty_grrl said:
    Loved ur music *-* have msn?? kisses =** Dec 26
  • radbirts said:
    Hey, I just wrote a paper on Tourmaline... the mineral anyway... Oct 28
  • Daytime Sleepwalker said:
    I love you guys. Best wishes! Oct 16
  • Daytime Sleepwalker said:
    I love you guys. Best wishes! Oct 16
  • undrgnd said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 28
  • BloodyMary said:
    Hey! Just wanna say thanks Justin for takin care of my sick ass last nite. Can\'t wait till yall come back to NC! Yall ROCK! Sep 09
  • strawland said:
    hey! glad to see u here Congratulations on your music guys, you rock ! Aug 26
  • GraveSlave138 said:
    YOU GUYS ARE INSANELY GREAT! So, why aren\'t you guys superstars yet? Aug 16
  • ramones1234 said:
    sup nigga. i love you all of you. Aug 13
  • Ryanlovesyou3 said:
    will corey please marry me..... :) love the music guys... keep on keepin on *thumbs up* Aug 03
  • <3{{MoRgAn}}<3 said:
    I just started listning to your usc and i love it!! Jul 30
  • mia...ancora! said:
    ALOHA !!! I just recieved your EP in the mail...atlast! haha I loveeeee it, and I\'m listening to it right now:) I love the poster you sent along with it, too...the turquoise fits my room perfectly lol. keep in touch with me! mia (michelle keating) Jul 28
  • taysmommyof2 said:
    Not bad at all, I likey! Jul 02
  • irishsk8rgrl said:
    Awesome Sound!!!!! Jun 29
  • said:
    rock on!!!!!!!!! I likey!!!!!!!!!! Jun 21
  • wendythecarrot said:
    what\'s up?! you guys are cool and i thought that it was neat that i know someone named max that plays drums too yea..... lol later!! wendy May 11
  • AutomattticGirl said:
    I like the music. :] May 10
  • TimmoTey said:
    Hy guys your music is amazing and i hope you come to germany anytime!greetings from germany (bremen) to verona Apr 24
  • Lobozao said:
    This is really really nice and good ha Apr 15