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To The End


Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Emo

Location: North Andover, MA

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Word. Just a quick update. We practiced the other night, went pretty damn well considering it's been a good while. Our set is going out with an ill bang. Ummm, Machine Gun! won't be playing the show anymore :*(, and Bazooka changed their name. Everything else is the same. Keep listening, learn the words, and get ready to get into it.
(not balls deep though)

It's official, the hurricane benefit/Jenn's goodbye show will be taking place on Saturday, November 12, 2005 at the YC (of course). The following bands are playing: SDH, To The End, xMachine Gun!x, HANDSHAKE, A Bazooka To Ya Face, Told In Photographs, Seek to Console, and The Murder Process. Doors are aat 7 o'clock sharp, and the charge will be $7. Don't bitch about the cost this time, all proceeds are going to the Red Cross. That's all for now.
-The DB

whoa. people acutally go to this still? it wasn't until the other day that i realized this was still around. anyways, as you can tell it's been awhile since this site was even touched. this update happens to be for a reason. we're playing the youth center soon as a special reunion show for the hurricane relief and to bid jenn farewell. before that time, the four of us will regroup to dust off some cobwebs, relearn our old songs, and maybe even write a new one. we're also hoping to get a few covers under our belt for the show. maybe even recording will occur as well. anways, i still have some crappy demos from who knows how long ago, and i might be doing something special with what we have for the upcoming show. dunno what the exact date is but it's sometime in early november. if you are reading this, please spread the word. finally, we might have a few more surprises up our sleeves. until then, word.
ps. i only updated this because i noticed people have been listening to us.

as of now we are on hiatus. we're not positive when we will be getting back together to play, or if our breakup has yet to happen. mike w. has left the band leaving us without a bassist, and other projects are taking shape. a reformation could be as soon as tomorrow, a year from now, or never. thanks for listening/seeing, and ill keep you informed once something comes about.
To The End
Zed's Dead (DB and Mike W's new band)




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