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To Speak of Wolves


Genres: Rock

Location: United States

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To say that the cast of characters in the lives of Greensboro, North Carolina's To Speak Of Wolves has been on rotation might be putting it mildly. But it took the change of names and faces to finally find a lineup that works. Each member came to the table from another band, and brought with them a necessary part of the whole.

When the time came, friendships that formed over the years in dark venues and on the road quickly sprouted into more. And after a meeting at Cornerstone Florida, a phone call in a bowling alley and a recommendation from a local video producer, To Speak Of Wolves was born.

"A lot of really talented people have come together over the past year to make this band what it is today," says Guitarist Aaron Kisling. "Our music is the collaborative effort of those people: some of whom I've never met, some I had the privilege to work with briefly, and most of whom I work with every day."

They've spent those days creating music that teeters a line between hard and melodic. Explains Guitarist Corey Doran, "it's a good mix between catchy choruses and heavy parts. It's also very raw and dirty sounding but still clean." Guitars at times incessant and other times meandering, vocals that both hammer and haunt. The songs weave back and forth as they soldier on through the dark. It's a balance that makes sense considering the rutted history of the band before they cemented their current cast during a short tour to Texas just a week and a half after inception.

Together with a common vision and ethic, To Speak Of Wolves is ready to show the world exactly who they are and what they stand for. "Our band is an expression of our beliefs and attitude toward life. The gentlemen in this band are a microcosm of the world we surround ourselves in. We write with passion that expresses ourselves perfectly," says Vocalist Rick Jacobs.

Drummer Phil Chamberlain furthers this sentiment, "we're not trying to change the world but we are trying to leave our mark on it, and we'd like for that to be a positive one. There are a lot of great things about this life. It's way too easy to focus on the negative things, and we hope if you come to one of our shows, you have a good time, enjoy yourself and the people around you. That's what it's about."

They've started to share themselves with crowds around the country and have already played shows with bands like Underoath and Emery. And with their recent signing to Solid State Records, a new and exciting era has begun. But they want more and are dedicated to getting it. "I knew this band had a good chance at being successful when I knew everyone in the band would do whatever it took to make it successful," says Bassist Will McCutcheon. "You can't ask anything more of your friends than that."

To Speak of Wolves:

Phil Chamberlain - Drums
Rick Jacobs - Vocals
Aaron Kisling - Guitar
Corey Doran - Guitar/Vocals
Will McHutcheon - Bass/Vocals


  • emma_extrordinarious said:
    saw you guys back in september! you were amazing! God Bless :) Nov 14
  • XxAshtonAssassinxX In Spite of Destruction. said:
    pretty epic yo! :) Apr 12
  • Alaina. said:
    Brilliant show last night, guys! Come back to Birmingham soon! :) Mar 22
  • Caleb said:
    cant wait to see you guys x] you are playing with my friends band x] Jan 27
  • Kidkevskate said:
    PLEASE --- PUREVOLUME.COM/AFTAFL --- A Farewell to Arms --- Poppunk.Dubstep.Hardcore Dec 13
  • Taylor said:
    u need to add darkness often yields to the brightest light!!!! sounds amazing Oct 08
  • jk lol said:
    You blow me away! :D Jun 29
  • CBD said:
    say you guys were signed to Solid State http://www.solidstaterecords.com/artists/284/To_Speak_Of_Wolves/ congrats, sounds amazing May 15
  • Jared said:
    hey boys nice music :) Jan 19
  • disciple522 said:
    Your new profile picture makes you guys look a bit more professional. Jan 10
  • hat man said:
    LISTEN http://www.purevolume.com/GoodNightLights Jan 08
  • Rachel said:
    You guys were awesome in Atlanta last November! Dec 08
  • gab omandam said:
    wow..amazing! add me up.. Aug 23
  • Rachel said:
    You guys are great. =] Aug 17
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 29

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