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Genres: Rock / Punk / Emo

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

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Successful Warped Tour outings, an ever-expanding domestic and international fan base, sharing bills with amazing artists and a third shot at a full-length album it sounds like life for the members of New Jersey-based pop-rock act Tokyo Rose is pretty damned great. The bands most recent achievements is the completion of its latest SideCho Records full-length, The Promise in Compromise. And though the albums thematic undercurrent is one of deception and false hopes, this is actually one of the bands most upbeat, listener-friendly collections. As a whole weve tapped into what people want to hear from us and expanded upon it, notes singer/guitarist Ryan Dominguez. We all know where we want to go with the music, make it more accessible and have more fun with it. If you cant have fun playing music, then why do it at all? The resulting effort finds Tokyo Roses brilliant delivery of melodic, rhythm-driven rock tracks spanning across a variety of themes. The intentionally powerful, produced and polished sounds of The Promise in Compromise find the band in a position thats anything but downtrodden and deflective.


  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Amazing Mar 13
  • ihavechappedlips said:
    Don't wanna forget about Tokyo Rose? Like the unofficial fan page! www.facebook.com/tokyoroseband Jan 05
  • Rawan said:
    sweetness Jan 04
  • Sysprint Trükikoda said:
    very good Jan 20
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  • Jessie said:
    sweetness Mar 25
  • SHONAYYY said:
    put on before you burn and right through your teeth May 10
  • rosesforthedead777 said:
    Give these guys a listen! www.purevolume.com/switchbladesforsweethearts Free Downloads! Apr 15
  • haleynevaeh said:
    one of my favorites :D Jan 23
  • Alex said:
    Good stuff as always. Dec 22
  • Mandaa said:
    i love all yer music (: ♥ Nov 26
  • RockObsesse said:
    you guys remind me of my american heart, but that's a good thing :) Nov 25
  • SHONAYYY said:
    dude u need to put up right through your teeth Nov 03
  • Keithleen said:
    nIce =) Aug 15
  • Connor from Before You Exit said:
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Reinventing a Lost Art

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New American Saint

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The Promise in Compromise

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