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Tokyo Hotel


Genres: Rock / Powerpop / Pop

Location: Magdeburg, Germany

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4 tracks

Members: Bill Kaulitz(vocals), Tom Kaulitz(guitar), Georg Listing(bass), Gustav Schafer(drums)

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Tokio Hotel is a German pop/rock-band from Magdeburg, Germany.

Twins Bill Kaulitz (born September 1st, 1989) and Tom Kaulitz (born ten minutes before his brother) had been performing since the age of 9. After putting on a show in their hometown of Magdeburg in 2001, Bill and Tom met Gustav Schafer (born September 8th, 1988) and Georg Listing (born March 31st, 1987). Their similar taste in music led to the creation of the band 'Devilish'. In 2003, the group was approached by music producer Peter Hoffmann and were soon after signed with Sony BMG in Hamburg. They were then known as 'Tokio Hotel' (Significance: 'Tokio' for the lively and engaging city of Tokyo and 'Hotel' for the band's constant touring around the country). Assisted by professionals, Bill co-wrote the majority of the songs on their album, Schrei (Scream).

The music video of their debut single Durch den Monsun (Through the Monsoon) has been playing on German television since July of 2005. The band quickly gained a multitude of fans after its release. The single appeared on the German music charts at no.15 on August 20th and reached no.1 on August 26th. It also climbed to no.1 on the Austrian music charts. Second video was "Schrei"...This video also climbed to no.1 all over the Europe.They released their album Schrei in September of 2005. In early 2006, their third music video Rette Mich (Save Me) was released. This version of the song was different from the original version on their first album because of Bill's now propubescent voice and some instrumental differences. Rette Mich made it to the no.1 spot as well. The rerelease of their first album was initiated by Bill's voice change and was released with three new songs ("Schwarz (Black), "Beichte" (Confession) and "Thema nr. 1" (Topic no.1)) in March 2006 titled Schrei: So Laut Du Kannst (Schrei - Noch Lauter Edition) (Scream: As Loud As You Can (Scream - Even Louder Edition)).

Tokio Hotel is largely popular among teenage girls, of whom most are drawn by the sex appeal of the lead singer of the band, Bill Kaulitz. There has been controversy about Bill's androgynous look (long unconventional dyed hairstyle, black nail polish, unconventional wardrobe), in spite of the fact that the young Kaulitz has made it clear that he is simply an artist expressing himself through his music as well as through his deviant choice of clothing. There has also been controversy about the Bill and Tom's weight and concern that their 'unhealthy' underweightness might cause complications for themselves as well as send a bad message to their fans. Furthermore, the band members have been criticized for being 'too young and immature' and for having their music composed and arranged by their production company for them.





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