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Today I Caught the Plague


Genres: Progressive / Metal / Hardcore

Location: Ottawa, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Dave Journeaux - Lead Vocals, Ben Davis - Guitar, Steve Rennie - Guitar, Eric Stone - Bass, Matt Young - Keyboard, Mike Ieradi - Drums

It's said that artists do not create out of desire, they create out of necessity, driven by an inability to function without the expression of their muse. Enter the assembly of for-life musicians known as Today I Caught the Plague.

Since it's creation in the winter months of 2005 the Ottawa, Ontario based group has worked endlessly to produce the most honest representations of musical vision they're collectively capable of. The result: Energetic art reflective of a wide range of sonic expression. The songs are largely recognizable by the aggressive undertones of their hardcore and metal influences, while melodically and rhythmically balanced by the many varying genres which have impacted each individual artist. From the inspirations of early classical music through to the differing examples of modern art Today I Caught the Plague leave no musical idea unentertained. Simply stated, they create only with self-set limitations, bringing their music through to conception with uninhibited thoughts.

The roster and consequent sound of Today I Caught the Plague consists of former A Legend Falls veterans Dave Journeaux/Mike Ieradi, ex There Were Thousands thrashers Matt young/Eric Stone, ex Bill Furious member Ben Davis and once Die Nameless guitarist Steve Rennie. Friends and acquaintances before colleagues, the group shows a distinct sense of camaraderie in all their interactions both inside and outside the band.

In addition to their professional commitment to creating original music, Today I Caught the Plague strategically align themselves to infiltrate the scene with a constantly evolving stage show and the implementation of both researched and experienced knowledge regarding the inner workings of today's music industry. Their dedication is almost perverse in nature as the art form has quite literally become their hectic lives. Thus they will remain restless until the actualization of a sound and display only to be known by onlookers as Today I Caught the Plague.



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