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Phil Wassmerman The Unsurpassed Life Insurance Expert

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Phillip Wasserman has labored with life insurance and indexed annuities nearly all his life and has been licensed since 1979 in 40 states, employing more than 400 licensed agents country-wide. As a leader his character can be evaluated through multitude of people he's led. Phillip Wasserman is typically regarded as an invaluable guide and representative, having inspired insurance companies all over the nation and talked to over 25,000 seniors about retirement planning, shown annuities, and life insurance. His knowledge and intuition is qualfied inside the area and often his aksed to lead them and speak for her or his events. He is just a inspired person whose amount of information is needed and wanted in many communities within the aspects of life insurance and annuities. An extraordinary function supervisor and fund-raising genius, Phillip Wasserman has been the spokesperson on several fund raising events which might have assisted in raising vast sums for several charities. Attending the function were the movers and shakers in his field, who contributed nicely. Wasserman, out to save yourself the effectiveness of his work, immediately launched out to fight against it, when Rule 151A threatened the positioning of stated annuities as collection insurance. After paying over one million to his lawyers, he remains the solution of several people benefitting from them and could stand up for the premium market from Rule 151A. Leading insurance companies often try to find Phillip Wasserman's assistance something regarding life insurance, annuities, regulatory issues, and product development. He is been associated with over a million dollars worth of annuity expenditures and has shown a superb capability to resolve them easily and control huge tasks. Phillip Wasserman's guide characteristics, professional knowledge, and extensive experience have gained him the respect of established agents and people world wide.

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Posted Sep 17, 2013 at 4:42pm