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Tim Kelley

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Genres: Acoustic / Acoustic

Location: Douglasville, GA

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Members: TK, PK

Endangered Species

In syncopation you can find a struggle within the pause.
In dissonance you can hear the fight for recognition.
In discordance there is dissension that only resolve can tame.
But resolve can bring structure, and within structure, we find habit.
Habits can bring a noticeable style of predictability.

So begins the search for a balance of ideas
between the governed pretension in experimentation
and the subtleties of the familiar.

So do you work to hear or to be heard?
A lonely question ignored by the crowd but silently understood by a few.
Some, in time, may find a balance, while others overlook the idea.
A few remain in solitude with only the desire to create, heard or not.

A distant rhythm can be felt fighting common time just outside the circle
Whether it changes the time or not, it is still heard and in that moment, immortal.
It was and anything that was, is, and can never be otherwise to the listeners.
Only slur beat time the down swing and repeat
Nod to the up, friend, nod to the up...rest.

- tim kelley(tk)

Thanks for listening.


  • pug said:
    Hey guy. Sorry it took me a while to pop in. I couldn't remember my login stuff and had a little trouble getting on here. Hope you find some groove on here. Mar 05
  • MacEzra said:
    Hey, man. Good to see you up here. Give me a code and I'll link you up from that other site, too. Good things, eh. Mar 02

Older & Wiser?

Mar 21, 2009


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