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Tile Cleaning - You're ready to Get Out The Toothbrush!

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People have heard the story of Cinderella, and that i remember when I would be a kid cracking jokes about being forced to clean the grout between the tiles having a toothbrush. I have performed this with a scrub brush although not a toothbrush. All joking aside, no one is going to make you get out the toothbrush, even though it is an effective instrument when you are going to get some tile cleaning done.

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When you are regularly cleaning the tiles, all you need to do is have a good floor cleaner. Everyone loves how easy it is to sweep and clean tiles, and they're much more durable than hardwood flooring. Naturally you don't have to vacuum, and tile doesn't hold all kinds of dust and allergens like carpet. Tile even offers a way of 'looking clean' when it's really time for a deep cleaning.

Yes, tile flooring is a great option, but you are likely to have cons for each and every type of flooring also. One con of the tile flooring is the it does 'look clean' without always is the cleanest. With hardwood floors you'll find yourself mopping frequently, but tile flooring can make it to where you mop more infrequently. How?

It's all in your thoughts. You just see the tiles, maybe sweep, and everything looks fine. After which, one day, you get on the bottom because you know you have to clean in between the tiles where the grout lies. And then you see it, just how dirty that floor is! Or, you don't mop one day and instead just sweep, simply to walk across the floor inside your socks. Next thing you understand, you've got black bottoms on your own white socks!

tile cleaning austin

Then you have the tiles in the bathroom and perhaps your home and a few other random spaces. Tiles are not only a great flooring option, but they're great for decorative purposes too. You just have to know what cleaning means to fix use for the kind of tiles that you have. Tile cleaning is about using the right products.

People often believe that all tiles are the same, and so you might as well just grab a bottle of Pine Sol right? No! You should check what the manufacturer recommends, possibly look at reviews and find the easiest method to clean the tiles at home.


Posted Nov 16, 2015 at 5:29am