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Throwdown Pro


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Alternative

Location: Orange County, CA

Stats: 5,974 fans / 545,153 plays / 42 plays today





5 tracks

Members: Vocals: Dave Peters, Bass: Matt Mentley, Guitar: Mark Choiniere, Drums: Ben Dussault


  • comfort said:
    Hello, I am comfort How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health. Please I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it, please if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID ( comfortabel96@yahoo.com ) hope to hear from you soon, and I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you. Lots of love try and send email to me on my ID ( comfortabel96@yahoo.com ) Nov 13
  • joshua a norton said:
    dave -- you alright man? i heard yall had breakup or somthing -- went to see you in dallas but yall didnt show -- bummer -- called ticketmaster and everything but because you didnt headline i couldnt get a refund -- i was pissed but didnt wanna waist the money-- was hopin yall might be there regardless -- ive been straight edge -- but i as i recoiled into the essence of the truth of the serpents change, i became more like an impath than ever before. when your all alone without friends that you can get on phone and been broke and unemployed and the scales of justice are so heavy one side and the woman who cant see them cant feel the shift either cuz there always empty, you have to deal with it -- dude im one hell of a drummer and when i heard the message on deathless, i got kinda worried -- ben- you one hell of drummer, i play drums myself, but im way out of practice and without a set, and im better than someone who puts another down with the words of a broken man -- matt - i met someone who said they were you and drank a glass of wine or somethin, didnt buy it... reserched your pic and everything..oh and your not a bad bassist and mark your badass also - constructive- Dave -- cheer the fuck up --- LOL -- LOved the hell outta the buried sep cover and holy roller was the pimp shit -- bartend tattoo'st Tommy didnt like it -- how he didnt,I dont know -- Joshua Andrew Norton -- as for all yall viloent slam dancin little prick punk wanna be's who think that you should beat up a drug user cuz your tuff -- go eat a hamburger laiden with hormones and take a valium in preperatio to heal the bones im gonna break in you -- typed all this before and it was more like me, but the damn computer made me sign up first -- Damnit Joshua AnDREW Norton Mar 01
  • ricky john said:
    wow!!!!!!! u rock Jul 23
  • lutfi said:
    \m/ Feb 21
  • kayEvn said:
    woahw! amazing! Aug 18
  • yafetpaat said:
    his voice was very heavy Jun 06
  • Taylor said:
    fix the forever video May 06
  • LissyKate said:
    OK- how do these guys sound like Fucking godsmack??...Throwdown way better than that pussy band will ever be. Apr 17
  • Chris (Strage-on) Jut said:
    Deathless? What happened?? Every since Vendetta I've been a believer!! But this record...Come on Guys??!! Kinda dissappointed. Get the rage back and stop listening to godsmack in your off time!! Strage-on!! Jut Feb 15
  • Felipz said:
    Amazing awesome! Feb 14
  • angelea. said:
    i f-u-c-k-i-n-g love you guys constantly pumping your music in my house Dec 21
  • alnilam said:
    Lol these guys are fuckin awesome!!! Nov 03
  • Roberto said:
    Pantera returns !!! el regreso de Pantera!!! Sep 03
  • TheyCallMeCRASH said:
    i have known you guys for a while and would have to say UH-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!! Jul 15
  • Eski of MORPHINE KILLER said:
    www.purevolume.com/morphinekiller - gothic metal with female and male vocals. for fans of evanescence, heart, metallica, bleeding through, zao, tool. Jun 25

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