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Genres: Rock / Pop / Alternative

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Thriving Ivory's self-titled Wind-up Records debut makes at least one thing perfectly clear. This San Francisco Bay Area-based quintet, which formed a few years ago while in Santa Barbara with various members attending college in the area, is, first and foremost, a rock band, with songs that elicit an emotional reaction comparable to those of the wide-screen visions of U2 and Coldplay. Thriving Ivory's music touches on the haunting presence of ghosts and angels, as well as life, love, relationships and the universal search for meaning in these uncertain times....all couched in timeless melodies and evocative images. Fan favorites include the first single, "Angels on The Moon", the deeply personal "Alien" and surging ballads "Hey Lady" and "Overrated" while songs like "Day of Rain" and "Twilight" are also cinematic productions, using an impressive canvas that includes strings and a lush, seductive sonic atmosphere.

"Music is an endless pursuit of the unattainable for me," says Scott. "The essence of creativity lies deep within each of us...a place where everything is still." He was deeply inspired after watching a DVD of U2 performing "Where the Streets Have No Name" in their native Dublin. "I wanted to move people the way that moved me," he says.

The group has amassed an impressive following through their larger-than-life concerts across California, Arizona and Nevada since songwriter/pianist Scott Jason first met vocalist Clayton Stroope while attending UC Santa Barbara. Scott quickly recognized a perfect fit for his music and lyrics with Stroope's operatic rock vocal approach. "As soon as I heard Clayton sing, we had the idea not only to write together, but start a band," says Scott. Guitarist Drew Cribley soon joined, followed by the rhythm section of bassist Bret Cohune and drummer Paul Niedermier, all San Francisco Bay Area natives. Paul, originally a punk rock drummer, echoes Scott's sentiment as he recalls, "When I got to the audition I was skeptical due to my different musical background, but then I heard Clayton sing. I knew right away that this was something I wanted to be a part of. Within the first couple of weeks, we were playing before 500-600 screaming college kids."

"Scott's lyrics are so strong, descriptive and gripping," says Clayton. "I was able to put the right amount of emotion into them. They're more than just boy-meets girl fluff. Scott touches on themes about the darker side of sanity and the horrors of events like 911.

"Bassist Bret Cohune was the final addition to the band. "I was in another group playing around Santa Barbara, but I used to watch these guys all the time and was kind of in awe," says Bret. "They were on a whole other level, the kind of band I wanted to be in."

"You start a group not knowing if it's going to work out," admits Scott. "There's always the uncertainty, deciding whether to place a time limit on how long you're going to keep going. But the deeper you get into it, the more work you put in, the harder it is to let go." The commitment paid off, with the band signing to Wind-up in 2007. This day culminated years of doing it on their own, including raising the  funds themselves to independently release their debut album, which they largely recorded in the basement of guitarist Drew Cribley's parents, with producer Chris Manning of Jellyfish. Using the internet to spread the word, Thriving Ivory independently amassed more than a half million plays for their songs on the Myspace site.

Things really began to take off when Music Director Aaron Axelsen of influential San Francisco rock station KITS Live 105 put the track "Angels on the Moon" into full rotation. The song, influenced by the horrors of September 11, 2001 immediately went to top 5 requested among listeners, earning year-end accolades in the station staff 's best of lists.

"Everybody who hears us is really touched," says Drew. "This music is built to last."

"It's hard to put us in a single category," says drummer Niedermier. "We're coming with something that's not necessarily here today and gone tomorrow.

"For their Wind-up debut, Thriving Ivory re-recorded both "Hey Lady" as well as the brand new track, "Alien," with noted producer Howard Benson (Daughtry,My Chemical Romance, All-American Rejects, Seether).

"For the past few years, our main worry and obsession was getting a record deal," says Clayton. "And now that we've got one, it's been replaced by a whole new set of worries and obsessions. I guess that's life."

"We are a rock band," adds Cohune. "And a big part of that is how you come across live in concert. It's important for us to put on an inspiring, entertaining, kick-ass show."

"Honestly, we're most vested in our music and how we perform it," concludes Scott when asked about how he would describe Thriving Ivory's image.

As for what his songs mean, Scott prefers to leave the interpretations up to the listener. "The magic is in the mystery," he winks.

Thriving Ivory's Wind-up debut is proof that there is plenty more magic up the band's sleeve. After a few years of playing tiny clubs to, at times, 7 people (6 of them club employees) in order to hone their skills and attract the attention of a label, the band has found it's perfect match in Wind-up...a label that has the staff of a major and the mentality of an indie.



Thriving Ivory

Jun 24, 2008

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Thriving Ivory

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