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Three Cord Wonder


Genres: Christian / Alternative / Pop Punk

Location: Denver, CO

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Members: \"Failing to take the hint since the year 2000!\"

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If there's one word you wouldn't normally associate with Three Cord Wonder, it's "hype."

In fact, it's just the opposite. You won't find any crazy light shows, explosive pyrotechnics or other rock 'n roll indulgences. With Three Cord Wonder, what you see is what you get. Four guys, delivering a high energy show on a bare stage and without any unnecessary props. Their uncluttered approach to performing spills over into the music as well. Simple, straightforward and unpretentious songs that are easy to sing along to but hard to forget. In spite of - or maybe because of - the lack of frills, you'll feel the same inspiration that countless fans from the Rocky Mountain region and beyond have felt. There is something special about Three Cord Wonder and the music they share. There's something a little different, something a little unique, something a little unexpected.

For the lack of synthetic elements, it's amazing just how much is packed into a performance. Splice a rock concert with spontaneous comedic bits and a quick Bible study, and you've only begun to come close to what Three Cord Wonder does live. Perhaps best of all, they do it with the same refreshing sincerity and informality that you would expect from going to see your best friend's band practice in the garage. It's the reason you feel like you could just go up and talk to one of the guys like you could any other friend. It's who they are. It's what they do.

It's the same way with the music.

The new album, "The Jesus Rock Show," is a perfect reflection of what Three Cord Wonder is known for. They avoid the genre game by delivering an album covering a broad spectrum of sounds, fusing elements of alternative rock, punk, pop and even acoustic ballads, coupled with thought-provoking lyrics that challenge as much as they encourage. And as they dance the line between the deep and the obvious, the band remains true to its calling. Three Cord Wonder exists to present Christ. Those simple words capture the essence of the band. They neither force Christ on you like a militant zealot nor present the choice of accepting or rejecting Christ as something less significant than what it really is.

No big sales pitch. No big push. Just simple truth through simple songs from a simple band.

So, while many artists are spending a lot of time trying to get your attention but not offering much else, it's nice to see that Three Cord Wonder is something a little different. And when most artists are just trying to be whatever is popular right now, it's nice to see that Three Cord Wonder is something a little unique. And while so many artists are striving to create a complex and mature sound, Three Cord Wonder decided instead to grow up a little.

And the result? Something a little unexpected.


  • Tianna. said:
    Wow, you guys are amazing!!! Jan 20
    i love you guys! i love in Jesus name! Oct 28
  • Boriz said:
    very good :) Apr 22
  • Brian said:
    you are guys are amazing, god is all..... check out us... www.purevolume.com/eternalmindset Apr 10
  • Candy :3 said:
    I LOVED YOUR SONGS *0* man, i though that was just me that think the same thing that u wrote on THE JESUS ROCK SHOW, man... THANK YOU! God is using u guys, keep like this ... Jan 10
  • Caleb said:
    You guys are inspirational! I love IJN! Aug 13
  • Free Warning said:
    Hello, I am Anthony, one of the founders of http://www.freewarning.net, a growing online Christian community that originally started as a small forum for underground Christian bands to get their start, but has since grown into a full fledged online networking website and we are looking to find bands and musical artists join so that we can help them spread their word of Jesus! Please check us out at http://www.freewarning.net and join with a normal profile and you will get special band only privileges! And the best part is its a completely free way of advertising your band! -Godspeed, Anthony (FreeWarning Admin) Jul 01
  • Crittle said:
    you guys are really really good. i love your lyrics, they are amazing. Jun 28
  • light vs darkness said:
    sooo.. i just signed up on purevolume today, and saw you guys in the browse section... i look into this profile and you guys just amazed me.. love the music. it's soo good. blessings. break free (it's time) p.s. not to mention but the voice is adorable. =P lol Apr 10
  • Aaron143 said:
    you guys are awesome Apr 07
  • jared said:
    u guys r awsome u should check out something makes casserole Apr 02
  • RisingMetalArtist22 said:
    you guys are a great addition to christian music. Your message is clear and uniqely delivered. Its a breath of fresh air. Mar 31
  • jared said:
    i luv u guys peace out $frosty da snowman$ Mar 26
  • sister_ruth said:
    Hey, I\'m so proud of you guys! I\'m sad to see you go, but I think the LORD is recieving the glory in your exit as much as he did during your career together. Not many bands can say that. I will be praying blessings and guidance on all of you. Cheerio! Nov 18
  • messiah13 said:
    Hey my brothaaaz, Can\'t wait to see you soon, the kids and I are excited and are praying for your safe travel. Agape\' to all. Love, Rick Oct 02

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