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Thoughts And Notions


Genres: Christian / Pop / Rock

Location: Philippines

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4 tracks

Members: Jasper Lloyd Tan (Lyricist), Wilbert Tan (Guitarist,Arranger), and Thrina Dimaano (Vocalist)

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Visit: www.thoughtsandnotions.multiply.com


Thoughts And Notions is a Pop-Rock band
in the tradition of Jars Of Clay and Sixpence None the Richer. The band hails from Cagayan de Oro. Their Music is best described as a cross Between Jars and Sixpence which offers the kind of music with a positive message to share, to share the Christian faith without necessarily being too preachy. The band is a product and brainchild of Jasper Lloyd Tan and Wilbert Tan, two persons who originally thought of something which Filipinos can be proud of, and that is by sharing their faith to the people who are yearning for a youthful sound. They originally started this project as a fund Raising project not knowing that they would get positive and rave reviews from their
more than satisfied listeners. Inspired and emboldened by the reviews, they decided to
Send a Demo to Praise Music who immediately signed the band after hearing the demo.
With that in place, the three piece band originally composed of Jasper Lloyd Tan, Wilbert Tan, and Thrina Dimaano became a full band with the arrival of Alvin Carreon, Tim Marquez, Ericson Gloria and Adonis Berongoy after a series of grueling auditions. On March 1 2006, Praise Music officially released their full length debut album, Thoughts And Notions: In Awe of his amazing love. Cuts from the album includes My Love Song and Earthbound Angel which are now playing in the radio stations in CDO.

Thrina Dimaano-Vocals
Tim Marquez Lead Guitars
Alvin Carreon Bass Guitars
Adonis Berongoy Drums
Erickson Gloria Rhythm Guitars

Jasper Lloyd Tan Lyricist/Founder/Band manager
Wilbert Tan Co-Founder

Visit us at: www.freewebs.com/thoughtsandnotions
Blog site: www.thoughtsandnotions.blogs.friendster.com
Email us at: totsandnotions@yahoo.com
Contact us at: 09177061100 (Look for Jasper)

1.November 30, 2006 - XU Schoolfest with Bamboo, CDO
2.April 8, 2006 Cagayan de Oro Amphi Theater, Love Radio Event
3.May 7, 2006 SM Cagayan de Oro, Album Launching
4.June 17, 2006 Lim Ket Kai Mall Rotunda, Album Mall Tour, CDO
5.June 17, 2006 Fizz Bar, Tabularaza Video Launch, CDO
6.July 8, 2006 Lim Ket Kai Mall Rotunda, Exclusive Acoustic Set, CDO
7.July 29, 2006 Xavier University Gym, General Assembly, CDO
8.August 27, 2006 Punchbowl Band Blast, With Budoy, Lim Ket Kai Parking Lot, CDO
9.September 15, 2006 SM Praisetival, SM Cagayan de Oro
10.September 17, 2006 Lim Ket Kai Mall Atrium, Kerygma Feast with Bo Sanchez, CDO
11.September 22, 2006 Corpus Christi Gym, with Mark Bautista, CDO
12.October 28, 2006 Cagayan de Oro Amphi Theater, Love Radio Anniversary
13.November 29, 2006 Xavier University Soccerfield, Cagayan de Oro City
14.December 2, 2006- Science Center Grounds, Xavier University, CDO
15.January 17, 2007- Xavier University Little Theater, Acoustic Show
16.February 3, 2007- Pulse Live Entertainment, Drizzle Homecoming Concert
17.February 7, 2007- Garmons Resto Bar, With Fayeed Tan
18.May 24-27, 2007- Quirino Grand Stand, Metro Manila, with 23rd Psalm
19.June 16, 2007- Corpus Christi Gymnasium, Cagayan de Oro City, with Hillsong

Internet Sites Featured
1.www.fliptunes.net/store/product_info.php?cPath=43&products_id=1050- online song downloading
2.www.purevolume.com/thoughtsandnotions Listening station to some of the tracks from the album
3.www.praise.com Album distributors online site
5.www.thespiritradio.net-Online Christian Radio Station
7.www.cdokay.com-online portal for Kagayanons worldwide

Print Media Featured
1.Fliptunes Online Interview (http://www.fliptunes.net/interview_20060828.html)
2.Inquirer Newspaper (August 9, 2006- 2BU Section)
3.Sunstar CDO Newspaper (Appeared 3 times)
4.Fish Magazine (Oct 2006 issue)
5.Candy Magazine (June 2007)
6.Inquirer Newspaper/Tempo Magazine (May 21 and 24, 2007. Rizal Park Event)

TV Appearances
1.ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oros Chuy
2.GMA 7 and ABS-CBN Ad for the Quirino Grandstand Event


  • Markmeizter said:
    Nganooooooooo!!!! Wala na ba'y pamaagi na mamalik moooooooo! Noooooooooooo. :( Nov 13
  • dsfjkh said:
    i like your music where can i get it besides across the net.. Feb 25
  • melroy said:
    i like your sound! and your lyrics are refreshing! keep it up! Nov 30
  • iangue said:
    Kaila ko sa bahista and bokalista.. dats.. wow.. I HONOR YOU GUYS.. hehehe.. keep rocking for the ROCK.. peace.. GOD LOVES YOU.. May 14

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