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Genres: Experimental / Electronic / Rock

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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Members: John Dope(DJ/Producer) and J.bIRD(Guitarist/Bassist/Producer/Programmer)

John Dope(DJ/Producer) and J.bIRD(Producer/Guitarist/Bassist/Programmer) have been making music since the end of january 2006.We(John Dope is writing this) are brothers. J got a studio in his basement and I had to get in there and make somethin so I did and he put some ill shit over it and we been at it since then. We ended up coming up with something new and original. It's sort of techno with a
hip-hop and rock flare to it. I personally can't classify it into a genre other then Electronic and Experimental being that it's both. The album (now known as) Frontal Lobe E.P. is now complete. 4 of the 5 tracks is up here. You can buy the entire album in the latest blog. SUPPORT THOUGHT PROCESS, so we can keep making the music you love(I hope?) Hope you guys feel our shit.



Frontal Lobe E.P.

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Dance Music Is Crazy NIGGA!

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