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Thorn of the Rose

New Demos Available! MESSAGE ME if you like them!


Genres: Acoustic / Pop / Indie

Location: Piscataway, new jersey, NJ

Stats: 247 fans / 4,298 plays / 22 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Just me!

*UPDATE 3.4.15*

So guess what??! I recorded some songs and put them up, so let me know if you like them and let me know what you think!!!!! Thanks

-Andrew (currently happy!!) :)

*UPDATE 2.8.15*

What's up people?! I like doing updates because I see there's enough people who enjoy my music. And that makes me feel good! I added a new album of some more recent songs so you can check that out. Peace!


*UPDATE 12.7.14*

I see there's a bunch of people that listen to my music but I seem to have no new friends on here. If you happen to be someone who listens to my music, then please ADD ME as a friend so I know there are other people our there. Ok thanks! And buhbye!

*UPDATE 11.29.14*

So this message is for someone I used to work with named eva. I worked with her at a place called soma labs. She's very pretty, very nice, and she loves my music! Just like everyone else! If I had her phone number, I might try calling her, but unfortunately I don't. :(

*QUESTION:11.18.14* OK, so I see that there's always a few people who look at my profile every day, so let me as you this- can you send me some lyrics? Cuz I have no idea what to write about. Thanks!


*UPDATE 11.13.14*

I finally have some new pics up, in addition to the new songs I have up. Check them out, and let me know what you think.


*UPDATE 10.25.14*

Ok so I finally have a new song available! Oh, how exciting! It's up for free download, and its called "adilyn". Its about this beautiful woman that I don't even know that I met online. She's extremely beautiful, for those who care... She really is. And I'm sure you'd want to meet her too if you saw pictures of her, So let met know what you think of this VERY rough demo. And I wrote a new song about a girl that I met a few years ago on here. It's called "my girl". So please check it out! Thanks! Buhbye!


*UPDATE 10.6.14*

Hello everyone! So I MIGHT put up a song about a girl named hollie tomorrow... some of you might know her, some of you may not. But either way, the lyrics are really good, I think! Too bad she isn't talking to me anymore. But I will continue to miss her, and who knows... maybe she misses me too! Ok well I just wanted to tell all of you about that, cuz there's no one to tell! Peace out!


*UPDATE 9.27.14*

So I recorded a NEW song for those who are interested. It's called "Song all my friends", and it's for free download! So let me know if you like it and maybe I can put some more songs up!



So... does anyone want me to have an event? Does anyone actually want to see me play? If so, write me a message and ask me to play. If enough people do that, I'll get around to deciding when and where would be a good time to play, since I currently live in Piscataway, nj. So if anyone has any interest, LET ME KNOW!


*UPDATE 9.13.14*

Wow. So I just realized that you guys have downloaded almost 1,000 songs! That's a lot! That makes me feel like my music is genuinely good! So Yay for me, and thanks to everyone! Maybe one of these days I'll get around to including and uploading some newer songs, who knows? That would be interesting to see what everyone thinks! But I guess I'll talk to everyone later.



Wow, I just realized I haven't written in here for a number of years for a complicated reason... but now all my songs are available for download for free! So enjoy!


1. Wrote a new song in January. It's untitled, as you can tell by the descriptive title of "012611".

2. Wrote a new song in December. It's called "Tired". Volume is a little low but check it out. Pretty fun.

3. People seem to like "I think we're gonna make it", "Perfection" and "The color of the end".

4. There's abouttttt.... hmmmm.... 30 more songs to listen to?? I'm gonna guess you'll like at least one of them! Or not, who knows.

5. If you want to send me lyrics, I could put a melody to it. :) I like trying new stuff like that. Give it a couple weeks and I'll have it up here for everyone to listen to.

6. I'm willing to sell songs. If you want me to start from scratch and write any style of music about anything at all, I'll do it! That would be awesome. No idea what I'd charge. But I like writing songs and I figure why not make some money from it.


Just got some new studio equipment! Very excited about this because this means that I may begin recording some songs that actually SOUND GOOD... Imagine that! So, I would guess that by the end of June I'll have maybe another one or two demos and then after that I should get down to recording a little more serious. The reason I haven't put up anything new recently is because the setup I had was just giving me way too much noise and it wasn't worth putting any more time into it until I got some new equipment. Well anyway, just wanted to keep everyone informed since I've been promising new music for a while with nothing to show for it. Once I do get some new stuff up, I will likely make a few songs available on itunes to download. So... stay patient! New material will be available quite soon!

My name is Andrew.
I write, record and produce my own music.
I might one day get around to recording new versions of these songs.
Feel free to drop me a message if ya wanna know more or just want to chat, I'm open for talking about anything, anytime.

Extra stuff:

Extra songs to listen to if you're really bored: purevolume.com/thornoftherosebsides
AIM screen name: fuzzboy4
Myspace: myspace.com/thornoftherosemusic
My listener's page: www.purevolume.com/listeners/Andrew62602


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