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Prices have skyrocketed within the economic downturn but fortunately, you may still find ways in which it can save you money. Using coupons offered in newspaper or from the website is a great way of spending less money around the what exactly you need. Nowadays, these discounts are available every single day plus they can be obtained very easily. It's a good idea to clip coupons and then rely on them to save money on groceries. Below I'll share some methods on how to make use of your coupons correctly:

1. First, gather coupons from various sources such as home mailers, the Sunday newspaper or from websites. Stores commonly offer coupons in different forms. Some stores offer coupons printed around the back from the receipts as the others put them on the items themselves.

2. Group your coupons into categories. You are able to group them into various categories if you have a significant number. If you only have a restricted number, group them into two categories, namely foods and nonfood items. In addition, separate coupons from stores and the ones from manufacturers. Then, place them into envelopes.

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3. When you write your grocery list, sort through your coupons. Prioritize the ones that are almost prepared to expire by planning meals which include those items.

4. Know your store circulars so that you can use the right coupons each time you shop. Ensure that you be aware of sales during the day to match the coupons in the envelopes.

5. Each store has different policy about coupon usage. Read their policy before making a purchase. Some stores allow customers to make use of a store coupon along with a manufacturer's coupon on the same product, however, many stores do not let you to definitely do this. Read their policy carefully so that you can really obtain the discount that you expect. Additionally, additionally you have to browse the coupon rules. Typically, they inform you about the items which you can buy to obtain a discount, the amount of items as well as the brand. For example, you may need to purchase two boxes of cereal to acquire $1 discount.

6. Research different brands prior to making a purchase. It's a wise decision to check various brands including generic ones. Sometimes, the generic or store-branded item allows you to save more money even though you buy it without needing a coupon. On the other hand, the brand-name products are probably still more expensive compared to generic ones even when you make use of a coupon.

Posted Jan 29, 2013 at 4:16pm