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Waste Myself

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Added Sep 13, 2009

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Comments (10)

  • Mayra said:
    awesome song! this song makes me sad. Jan 21
  • Liam Young said:
    this is amazing likes Oct 15
  • deejay said:
    i know you'd like purevolume.com/dorianyates. i know i did. Oct 11
  • earthtosian said:
    Love this x Sep 25
  • Christopher Platt said:
    Great new video x Sep 24
  • lalalala said:
    its his wedding ring tatooed on goof, yea hes married moron. Sep 15
  • Ravi said:
    This video is really grt!! See a wide collection of videos in www.uploaded.tv Sep 14
  • lizs said:
    Oh and by the way, Dan Young - You have a gorgeous guitar! Sep 14
  • lizs said:
    This is a beautifully written and performed song... It's also quite possibly one of my favorites by you guys. Sounds great!! Sep 14
  • Jes-ik-ah fl-oh-wer-zuh said:
    Great job guys! Sep 13