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  • said:
    hey guys your so cool! your music is lush its the kind i cant get out of my head, which can be annoying in an exam but its always good to have good music stuck in your head isnt it? you guys should come tour over in the uk if you havnt already Jun 10
  • d.russia.13 said:
    hey you guys were awesome at the impact room the other night in baycity, you guys need to come back soon!!! Jun 07
  • Perplexity said:
    Hi, how are you guys doing? :) You\'re music is so good, I will add you to one of my favourites, and also you\'re hot ;) Jun 05
  • eastcoast <3 scene said:
    I LOVE ( Jun 05
  • Loserx3 said:
    you guyz are amazing!! My favorite songs are -Contradictions- and -Our Flag is white-..Keep up the great work!!!_x3 Jun 04
  • MusicalFrequencyx3 said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 02
  • urokmysoxz92 said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 02
  • . said:
    great music.! cuties Jun 02
  • spiffygirl said:
    love the music. rad. Jun 02
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • gimme_blackmamba_babe said:
    Add Comment here... May 30
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    so whens the CD coming out? i can\'t wait. oh and CT loved you- come back soon. May 29
  • Skull-Headz said:
    Decaydance bands own me. May 27
  • xxxbeckyxx said:
    Heyyy I met Dan at the Cafe Metro Show and got a pic with him i am wearing my this probidence shirt now youguys are awesome :) May 26
  • said:
    i love you guys x 19287319873197832198 May 25
  • sebas_7dayslate said:
    Add Comment here... May 24
  • xxhold_me_closexx said:
    wow.what you have on here is UH-mazing.you guys are really good.i like your stuff a lot.i think that you should have some stuff to download though...because,then i could put it on my iPod and show all the friends the awsome band i found on purevolume.i think you should do it.for sure.k.later gaters. May 24
  • jess 09 said:
    hey you guys rock out loud!!!! May 22