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  • MusicalFrequencyx3 said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 02
  • urokmysoxz92 said:
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  • . said:
    great music.! cuties Jun 02
  • spiffygirl said:
    love the music. rad. Jun 02
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • Kattya502 said:
    I Jun 01
  • gimme_blackmamba_babe said:
    Add Comment here... May 30
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    so whens the CD coming out? i can\'t wait. oh and CT loved you- come back soon. May 29
  • Skull-Headz said:
    Decaydance bands own me. May 27
  • xxxbeckyxx said:
    Heyyy I met Dan at the Cafe Metro Show and got a pic with him i am wearing my this probidence shirt now youguys are awesome :) May 26
  • said:
    i love you guys x 19287319873197832198 May 25
  • sebas_7dayslate said:
    Add Comment here... May 24
  • xxhold_me_closexx said:
    wow.what you have on here is UH-mazing.you guys are really good.i like your stuff a lot.i think that you should have some stuff to download though...because,then i could put it on my iPod and show all the friends the awsome band i found on purevolume.i think you should do it.for sure.k.later gaters. May 24
  • jess 09 said:
    hey you guys rock out loud!!!! May 22
  • Riley Hart said:
    i saw you in concert and you made my life. keep it up. May 19
  • HURLEY1992 said:
    two words. come to new jersey NOW!!! May 18
  • ivaniswhatiaimforatthedisco said:
    hey you guys are so totally awesome!!.... keep it up... :)... put the whole song for \"wolf in sheeps clothing\"... we\'ve waited long enough..... :)... love that song by the way!!!! May 17
  • e xo h commercialized said:
    youssss cute May 16
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    You guys were absolutely amazing on the 14th at the underground. amazing. Yeah and uhm sorry for going on and oon about how you [dan] looked *so* different in real life- i kinda thought you were the guy standing in front. haha now i feel really stupid. becaues i realized when i got home your the person in back of him. and i wouldnt shut up about it at the show. May 16