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  • jlabs17 said:
    last night in detroit you guys were the shit! I love you guys, come back soon! Aug 04
  • Beauty Of Grace said:
    cant wait to see u guys at the icon saturday! Aug 03
  • said:
    cccc Aug 03
  • xChelseas said:
    please come to wilkesbarre PA Aug 03
  • itsyouicantdeny said:
    you guys are si hitt Aug 03
  • ClandestineBeauty said:
    I love Wolf In Sheeps\'Clothing! I can really relate to it right now! Love you guys! Aug 03
  • SeasWineRed504 said:
    i love your new song...:] PUT MY BEAUTIFUL RESCUE BACK NOW!!!! Aug 02
  • The_shh_noise said:
    I think pretty much love you guys. Secret Love pretty much makes me giddy. Just thought I\'d let you know. Aug 02
  • eRobs16xx said:
    Put the song \'Everyday\' back on. You guys are madd good. Aug 02
  • Disenchanted said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 02
  • grard8 said:
    Im like fricken crushed...i was supposed to see you guys this wednesday at beat kitchen but my friend was a complete dimwit and didnt even like attempt to get tickets and now its sold out...and i was supposed to see you guys in like may i even had tickets but my parents wouldnt let me take the car and instead i spent my night in police custody. =( p.s. your only like my top three favorite band ever. Aug 02
    PLLLEEEEEEASE PUT MY BEAUTIFUL RESCUE BACK UP HERE!! you guys have no idea how much i love that song.PLEASE!!! thaaankksss Aug 01
  • eastcoast <3 scene said:
    aaah september 12 is waaay too far away!!!! i absolutitly ADORE you guys\' music... thanks for being amazing i guess.. uuuuh bye Aug 01
  • rufiofan16 said:
    i love you guy! Aug 01
  • gina marie francesca said:
    you are positively magnificent. can\'t wait until the august 5th show. Jul 31
  • eastcoast <3 scene said:
    gogod you guys make me way too happy to be anywhere close to be anything other than a dream. and my beautiful rescue is amazing. Jul 31
  • cowl101 said:
    u guys are so wasome the new songs are bomb! cant wait to see you guys at slims in sfo!!! wooohooo.. heck yeah see u then Jul 30
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    oh hello this providence gents :) hope all is going well.. ♥ julia psssst- i really want that CD Jul 29
  • *:::~DeadFishFreak~:::* said:
    You guys are wonderfuly wonderfuuul! Please come to Montreal!*begs on the floor!* I would really be happyyy! I would really go see you guys! Wahooo! *keeps her fingers crossed* ♥!♥! Jul 28
  • gabbaccino said:
    marry me?? Jul 28