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This Love Machine


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Long Beach, CA

Stats: 194 fans / 59,562 plays / 32 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Matthew Edwall, Michael Nordin, Joe Martinez, Robert Martinez, Chase Hilke, Paul Lumsdaine



  • Lost_poet07 said:
    omfg i totally saw you guys when you ccame to lebanon Jan 21
  • brittney said:
    you guys were amaaaaaazing last night! next time we\'ll have more time in advance for sure and we can get fliers and stuff. Dec 08
  • Stevie Baby said:
    oh. so. i have your EP. with all these songs. i got it at chain reaction in california in february. i was just wondering. did you guys play there? Oct 17
  • PhyscobillyxMama said:
    wow,so your pretty much amazing! and do you still have bill promoting you on myspace? Oct 09
  • Maloojis83 said:
    i know the new updated website will be FANTASTIC!!!! Jul 23
  • little Wildflower said:
    May 29
  • semihex said:
    the suitest c is like the coolest whu dont you guys add that? May 22
  • little Wildflower said:
    myspace is being a gaylord....BUT we dont have to be! woo! so anyway EVERY SHOW always EXCITES me like if it were the VERY FIRST ONE!!!! i love you BUNCHES!!! you boys are THE BEST!!!!! May 21
  • little Wildflower said:
    i cant wait until next week!!!!!!! i\'m so sad i could go for a really awesome show right now! too bad so sad !!! i gotta go hang out with my rock n roll profecy cd. humph!!!!! yea. :( May 08
  • Maloojis83 said:
    Hello loves! You are the reason I joined PureVolume! Yeah because This Love Machine is That awesome. I hope the tour is coming along nicely. I\'m missing you all. See you guys on the 18th!!! May 07
  • said:
    ok you guys are excitent now just do a U.S. tour!! Please!! it gets boring on the other side of America Apr 29
  • little Wildflower said:
    how many times have i NOT told you i love you? because i do! dont forget that!!!!!!!! ya make me click my heels 2479 feet in the air! i love you. Apr 22
  • Maloojis83 said:
    Chain Reaction is so soon. I can\'t wait to see you guys!! Good luck! l o v e Malooo Apr 07
  • Maloojis83 said:
    You boys are amazing performers. Please no more 21 shows! All ages is where it\'s at! l o v e Malooo Apr 06
  • little Wildflower said:
    you guys are my favorite people in the world!!!!! the coolest kids i\'ve ever ever met! i love you all immensely!!!!! hugs and kisses for days!!!! you make me smile! :) i love you all! Apr 06

The First Kiss

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The Rock 'N Roll Prophecy

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B Sides

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Cavite, Philippines

Infinite Road

Orlando, FL


Swanton, OH

Tommy Lonwer

Boston, MA


Gloucester, ON


Blaine, MN


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Medway, MA

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