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This Is Hell Pro


Genres: Hardcore / Punk / Post Hardcore

Location: Levittown, NY

Stats: 1,809 fans / 144,278 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Rick, Dan, Chris, Johnny & Travis


This is Hell are not going down in history for standing still. Formed on
Long Island, New York in June of 2004, This is Hell made an immediate
impact on the hardcore scene, and have since shown no signs of slowing
down. Travis Reilly (vocals), Rick Jimenez (guitar), Chris Reynolds
(guitar), Dan Bourke (drums) and Johnny Moore (bass) all cut their teeth in
their local scene, but have now become road veterans with an unquenched
desire to pummel stages around the world and live the lives they've worked
and built for themselves. After selling out of over 1000 self-released four song demos on early tours with Most Precious Blood, Crime In Stereo, Modern Life Is War and Terror, Run For Cover Records caught wind of the band and re-released the demo. An intense touring schedule created a massive buzz, and resulted in
all pressings of the demo selling out. This is Hell were quickly becoming known as a force to be reckoned with across the globe, aided by strong support from Australian alternative radio and a month long european tour. Punknews.org praised their demo as "A dark, raucous six minutes of introvert-based hardcore"

This is Hell released their long awaited debut EP on State of Mind
recordings, and caught the eye of Trustkill Records in late 2005. Josh
Grabelle, president of Trustkill, was blown away when he first saw
them live. "Originally, I liked their work ethic, they were out there
working really hard, doing things that a lot bands wouldn't do without
a bigger record deal, for example touring Europe and putting an EP
out. When I went to see them, I got the amazing feeling that I used to
get watching hardcore bands a really long time ago, something I
haven't felt in years. Travis' stage presence was amazing, and I knew
they had something. I approached them pretty much out of the blue and
signed them." This is Hell released their Trustkill debut, Sundowning,
in May of 2006, and the buzz volume doubled. The album has received
much critical acclaim in the U.S, including a profile in national punk
tastemaker Alternative Press, and recent features in Kerrang,
Wonkavison, and Metal Hammer. Rock Sound Magazine said of the album,
"Caustic yet eloquent in their cathartic delivery, This Is Hell are a
molten mix of hardcore influences that have erupted with force."
Extremely popular music webzine Pastepunk.com praised the band, saying
"At the core of THIS IS HELL's sound is a chewy nugget of talent and
insanely tight songwriting. For a band that plays as fast and
hard-hitting as they do, just as impressive is how stunningly precise
every note seems to sound without ever getting the feeling that the
music is rigid and lacking in emotion"

The band has been on tour all year in support of Sundowning with such
heavy hitters as Bane, Glassjaw, Strike Anywhere, Bayside, and
Comeback Kid. The band was recently in the UK playing arenas with
Lost Prophets as well as a string of headline dates, and shows with
Hatebreed, Unearth and Alexisonfire. This is Hell has also just
released their first video, for the song The Polygraph Cheaters. The
video was directed by acclaimed director Doug Spangenberg known for
his work on the gold selling Lamb Of God DVD/Documentary Killadelphia
and Skate & Surf DVD's. This is Hell have big plans for the new year,
starting with a short tour alongside Poison the Well in February, A
split seven inch with Toronto's Cancer Bats, and some more touring.
So keep your eyes peeled, they will surely dominate 2007.


  • Bedlight For Blue Eyes
  • Bleeding Through
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Crash Romeo
  • Eighteen Visions
  • Fight Paris
  • Fightstar
  • First Blood
  • Hopesfall
  • It Dies Today
  • Most Precious Blood
  • Nora
  • Open Hand
  • Roses Are Red
  • Sick City
  • Terror
  • Throwdown
  • Walls Of Jericho



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