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This Day Will Tell

Our record 'Too True To Be Good' comes out Oct 5th


Genres: Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Screamo

Location: Pensacola, FL

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Some would say that, if you want to get anywhere in the music business, you have to pay your dues. Usually, this means that bands would have to kick around local scenes for years before ever getting the kind of recognition that they would hope for. However, sometimes there are those who put their noses to the grind stone and put ten years worth of "dues" into a year or two. Pensacola, Florida's This Day Will Tell is one of those particular groups. "We are a band with members that come from different walks of life, but we came together to make the music that our lives have made for us." quotes vocalist Michael Silver "We put our hearts and souls in to what we do. We have become a family, and through all of our struggles, and after weeding out some small flaws, we have to say that we ARE This Day Will Tell."
Having only been a serious band for almost two years, TDWT has already accomplished things that a lot of bands work for decades to achieve. Whether it be small, self funded tours or opening for the touring acts that pass through, these five young men have definitely put the work in. Well, all that hard work has paid off and the guys that started a garage band for fun have now been taken to the next level.

After striking out on their own and playing to any town that would have them, along with providing local support at shows for the likes of Attack Attack!, The Bled, Hollywood Undead, Bayside and countless others, not to mention the massive amount of plays on MySpace of the tracks from the debut E.P. "Making Love is Easier Done than Said", TDWT has grabbed the attention of Indianola Records, a small, yet powerful label that boasts some of the best young talent in the world of heavy music. "Indianola is a great small label with some really good bands. We are honored to be a part of that family now. It's still a little surreal actually."

With the new signing, This Day Will Tell will finally have that platform that they need to reach a wider audience. Expect a relentless touring regimen for 2010, as well as a debut full length called "Too True to be Good" to be released by Indianola on October 5th, 2010 . So, while it is still very important to pay your dues, you don't have to set the bar too low.


  • Charlotte said:
    Is there anywhere we could like, buy or download your other songs? :( They're so good. Aug 01
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    amazing :D Jul 28
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  • Alan said:
    Love the cover! is awesome :D Jul 06
  • Brandon Nagy said:
    EVERYBODY!!! Check out my music at www.purevolume.com/BrandonNagy72317. I've got a new song called "My Life". But Check out all my music and tell me what you think. If you really like it, become a fan. I appreciate all the support I get. I'm writing all of the music and all of the vocals. I need a band, but I've gotta deal with what I've got. May 19
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    wish i could get your other songs May 14
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    awesome guys May 13
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    I likee:) aha, May 09
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    you guys rock! :D cant wait to hear more music from you guys! May 08
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    you rock... \m/ May 08
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    you guys are awesome! May 06

Too True To Be Good

Oct 05, 2010

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