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This Day & Age Pro


Genres: Rock / Indie / Ambient

Location: Buffalo, NY

Stats: 691 fans / 71,418 plays / 72 plays today






Members: Kelly, Joey, Mike, Steve, Jeff M

Members of This Day & Age have started a new project called The Reign of Kindo! They just finished an ep that will be coming out August 21! Head on over to the bands PureVolume & MySpace for a taste of the Ep before it's release! And MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!

Our new record, "The Bell and The Hammer" is in stores NOW!!

This Day & Age is a Buffalo, NY-based band whose music focuses on complimenting melodies with memorable guitar lines, well-placed piano and a rhythm section that ties it all together. Each song tackles relevant topics and is a well-crafted, sincere story that envelopes the listener. The band's live show has become famous for being well-rehearsed and energetic.

Forming in 2001, It was the band's incessant dedication to both the stage, the road, and the writing process that originally earned them the attention of the Orlando -based One Eleven Records. Signing with the label in 2002, the band immediately got to work on its freshman release. After condensing the introspective, yet pop sensible nature of their music into thirteen watertight tracks, ".Always Leave the Ground" was born.

After more than a year and a half on tour in support of their debut, and heading overseas to Japan, their highly anticipated follow up, "The Bell and The Hammer" has reeived rave reviews and is available now!

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This Day & Age


  • Summer Joeker said:
    You guys are great. Lovely~ :D Jun 10
  • Dan said:
    Great drums! Sep 14
  • Nicole said:
    love from the first listen Jul 18
  • [AMANDAKELLY!!!] said:
    why is it that when i click on this day & age i come to the reign of kindo site? nothing against the reign of kindo and all; but this day & age will always be my favorite. and i would love to listen to always leave the ground or winter winter spring right now. oh- and do me a HUGE favor, and come back to jersey. Jan 23
  • Dan Perry said:
    There is no way to simply explain how great your music is. It is nothing short of sheer brilliance the way you combine so many genres and completely invent your own. The voices, guitars, and other instruments combine in a way musically I have never heard before. Along with the great music, your lyrics speak to everyone in a very special way along many facets of life from keeping your head up to discovering love. I think your song "I Hear That Music Play" sums it up perfectly. That is what you guys are all about and that is what I love. Keep up the great music making! Dec 19
  • Michael said:
    Hey I love your guys music. Keep doing what you are doing. Your music is very deep, it gets to me every time and the best part is I can relate to it. I was just wondering if you guys were thinking about putting out some piano music and or saxophone music. Your music is great! I'd love some piano music! Dec 08
  • mike nihan said:
    the first 10 seconds of needle and thread made me love you guys !! great job Sep 06
  • thisisevan said:
    you guys are really great. love the stuff you guys are putting out... keep up the good work Aug 12
  • jessica hallie said:
    u had me in the first 5 seconds. come to LA please? Aug 07
  • Nate said:
    What happened to the sound from "Always Leave the Ground"? I know you are a "new" band but even in "The Bell and The Hammer" you guys went away from it. I love "Always Leave the Ground" so please get back to it. Jul 01
  • Nads_Kay said:
    I really like you guys. It's nto too often that you find new jazz bands. You should come to VT. May 16
  • wingsoverglory said:
    So now that the album is done, when will we get a chance to check out some of the new tracks? May 07
  • justagirl1411 said:
    so refreshing, great music! Apr 23
  • Mary-Elaine said:
    great sound. really unique. keep up the good work. and don't be a stranger to jacksonville florida. =] Mar 04
  • xmcrxaddictx142 said:
    Yay Buffalo! Feb 01

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