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  • JB said:
    Love it!!! Oct 26
  • Jonny. said:
    so amazing. =) Oct 19
  • jk lol said:
    Too bad your lead vocalist left! I hope you are able to find another one just as good... God bless. May 05
  • sun*Burn said:
    hey checkout a song call "fell in love with you " on http://www.purevolume.com/lasitha Apr 22
  • C h e l s e a. :] said:
    Stellar. Apr 02
  • losergirl4jesus said:
    http://www.whatyoudowhenimgone.com/ Mar 19
  • jaco said:
    you always gonna be my favorite band. my support to you guys. God bless you Feb 18
  • Trisha said:
    I saw you guys two summers ago in Indiana, sorry to hear about the loss of Ben. Keep on rocking! Feb 15
  • skimy said:
    I really really love the band SKYHAWK DRIVE! If u want to add me you have to add them first and listen to their songs then i love you too! mwuahh! add me and skyhawk drive tnx! Feb 07
  • Nate said:
    I saw TBR at the Rage Festival in Phoenix on 1/30/2010, and Andy is back on drums, Cameron is playing guitar and singing, Jeremy on guitar, and Brandon on bass. They put on a good show. Please note: Ben did not leave the band. Their oficial statement reads that they decided to part ways with him, not he with them. Why? Perhaps only they know. I wish them all God's blessings. Jan 31
  • TearsofJoy said:
    AWESSOMMMEEEE, luvin it, God bless dudes, PEACE Jan 28
  • sarah:] said:
    you guys are soooo good! it's too bad Ben left :( i loved his voice! but i still love you guys, keep it up and God bless! :) Jan 09
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    dudes.... sorry to hear about Ben. Loved his vocals. Dec 16
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    still my favorite band!! Oct 08
  • lexie said:
    Gonna see you at Bethany sunday in BR!!! You guys are good in concert! Sep 18
  • Kelcie Gariety said:
    wow. you guys are amazing. i've only seen you a few times but i'm planning on seeing you again real soon. Sep 04
  • Marcie--i love rock music!!!!!!! said:
    Hey!!! im gonna be a your concert pretty soon!! can't wait! Jun 11
  • zachattack! said:
    Amazing band Jun 09
  • HasteTheDane said:
    Saw Surrender Saved My Life on TVN. That song is incredible....i would strongly suggest putting it on here. You guys rock. Keep it for God, because you are blessed. May 27
  • Rachy said:
    hey you guys are absolutly AMAZING!!!!!! i love the new song surrender saved my life! it is one of the best songs i have ever heard. keep up the good work!!! May 16