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The Zax

sup y'all


Genres: Other / Pop

Location: Skyscraper Nat'l Park, USA / New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Rion Harmon

LOVE the new album from THE ZAX


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Rion Harmon is The Zax
Twitter: @rionharmon
MySpace: www.myspace.com/thezax
Facebook: The Zax

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the US version on iTunes

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And lastly, meet the drummer:


  • melissa said:
    you rock my sox. there is one request i have for you- the lyrics to that's why i need ya with cornelia. i've been listening & listening & listening :) thank you!! Aug 16
  • andrew manly said:
    Hi I have added your songs to my play list they are nice keep up the good work, please let me know your facebook,myspace accounts link i want to add you there you can also add me on www.partyave.com/andrew , facebook.com/andrewnewyork. Jul 28
  • forever yours, teena said:
    why you telling cady groves to suck it? i love cady groves lol Jul 17
  • !lluzion said:
    This makes me happy. Jul 17
  • Ben Lifson said:
    hey im ben lifson from when you say surrender and if you like pop punk you should check out my full band the ride down! expect big things when were finished in studio! www.purevolume.com/theridedown :-D :-D :-D Jul 16
  • AshleyLeigh. said:
    I love you guys!! Hey, check out my friends band when you get the chance. NEW SINGLE! FOR FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!! :D www.purevolume.com/brightlightavenue :D Jul 15
  • BeccasaysXRAWRX said:
    Love it :) Jul 15
  • Senspeaks said:
    I like your song especially when driving alone in the outskirts, or street . . . Good work!!! Jul 13
  • danielle myers said:
    Hubba hubba. Jul 12
  • broccolli said:
    Your songs make me happy, so road trip music) Jan 30
  • morgasmo said:
    sick sound dude, way better than owl city Jan 10
  • Taylorrr! said:
    i looked at your profile because of the owl city can suck it lmao. i love your sound way better then owl cityyy! Jan 10
  • son said:
    lol Jan 10
  • Alicia :) said:
    much better than owl city! :) btw my niece's name is august lol Jan 09
  • lorken said:
    i like both your music owl city is strong in places your weak and your strong in places hes weak... decent Jan 09


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