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The Witty Committy

Real Hip hop, Real Music, Real Emotion....


Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / R&B


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4 tracks

Members: O.E., J-Cap, J-Burrows and crew

With the mind state of leadership and a burning passion for music, The Witty Committy brings originality, likeability, and intelligence back into the world of hip-hop.
All members of the Witty Committy were born and raised in different parts of Jersey, each with a different ethnic background, and with his own music style, to compliment one another seamlessly to form a familiar yet original sound. The voices of the Witty Committy display pain, struggle, and hurt, yet have strength enough to share and express it through poetry and the majesty of song. There is also an integration of songs with intelligent metaphors backed with humor to display our versatility and strength in overcoming life's obstacles.
From R&B to Hip-Hop the Witty Committy appeals to all audiences; young, old, male, female, urban, suburban, rich, poor, white, black……

To contact:
Email- TheWittyCommitty@gmail.com