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The White Tie Affair


Genres: Pop / Alternative / Electronic

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Chris, Sean-P, Ryan M, Tim, Ryan C.

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Think about how many people say that they listen to "everything". When we meet someone new we ask them what kind of music they're into and
we always seem to get a wide range of artists - from Fall Out Boy to Timbaland and everything in between.

The members of The White Tie Affair are no different. We all become very focal on a genre but, at the same time, it seems we have musical A.D.D. TWTA has set out to make music for the instant, iTunes, Play Station generation. We listen to everything and are influenced by everyone.
There are members of this band like some artists more than others, but we are bonded by a love of catchy music; whether it be sung, screamed or programmed. We have attempted to build an album that satisfies all of our different tastes. It is an
adventure into pop,
exploring many different styles and sounds.
We hope you find it as stimulating as we do.
At the end of the day, if our music makes you smile or dance or sing in
some way, then we are accomplishing our goals. We want to bring a little fun back to music. We want to brighten up your bad days. We want be the soundtrack to your great days.

With Love, The White Tie Affair

Email us at: thewhitetieaffair@yahoo.com


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  • Olivia said:
    cool cool Jun 04
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  • roxyyy(: said:
    awesome Feb 19
  • Canaan said:
    Just found ya, love it. (: Feb 19
  • Gio:) said:
    I love this band Oct 30
  • Bina said:
    seen these guys in concert last night, and they are freakin amazing! fell in love. Sep 03
  • ϟтäчʟøνe♥ϟ said:
    ilu guys! :P Aug 25
  • Pregame With Miller said:
    just posted the white tie affairs new single "you look better when i'm drunk" to my blog @ pregamewithmiller.wordpress.com May 18
  • Dori! said:
    Thanks you so much for performing at Oshy last night! Absolutely LOVED the show! Apr 25
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! Apr 12
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    cool dude!!! Apr 08
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    lubbbbbb yu guys!!!!!!!!!! heather Apr 04
  • vavoura said:
    Yes lyrics are very good Mar 13
  • Jen said:
    i saw you guys at the vma tour this summer. you put on a great show and your music is quite amazing :) Feb 28


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