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Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Emo

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The Weather portion of my life has ended. Also, www.theweathermusic.com has been shut down as of 2011. It has been a wonderful experience and thank you so much to all of you who have written emails, sent letters, sent gifts, and especially those who bought one of the different benefit cds, or shirts that helped people in need.

I still, and always will I hope, believe that art is a gift from one to all. When money gets involved it loses a part of its spirit, and purity. I am moving onto a new music project that will be part song writing, part record label (but nothing like you have seen before) , and generally a release for art that is more community driven. Whether it be recording songs with friends, or organizing an art display, or just simple volunteer work that gets people to forget about life's daily bullshit and relax,smile, and create. Bask in the beauty of life.

Christmas 2011 will be the release of all the musical material recorded and collected from 2011. There will be 2 new albums available in cd format with case and artwork, or as a digital download. All money raised will be donated to 2 different specific projects I am currently working on. I will have details on all of the music and causes/charity being setup on christmas day. You can check here, and the mailing lists will all receive notice of the new websites, and ways to buy/listen to the new music.

As always, the new music released will be available on the internet for FREE download. Not right away though, both benefit albums will be available on hard cd format, or digital download until January 25, 2012. The reason behind this being that I wanted to give both charities a month to raise as much money as possible. All the songs on both benefit albums will be available for free download on the new music sites beginning the 25th of January in the year of our science, 2012.

Everything you see, touch, and taste can and will burn one day. Everything. Except the voice reading this in your head right now. The only things that truly matter are the ways you can affect others lives for the better. Those are the only infinites in this world.


  • timmithuTERRABBLLE!!! said:
    yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........|)................... Aug 10
  • Melina said:
    i luvv ittt . Jul 07
  • TearStainedCheeks said:
    I'm completely in love with your sound..and i'm infatuated with the lyrics. Geeze, you're rather amazing. Feb 07
  • W said:
    really appreciate the songs. Oct 27


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