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The Vines AUS


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Australia

Stats: 440 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today



  • nara said:
    become old and keep faith the rock Apr 14
  • Claire said:
    Heey guys, where is some music?! Jan 09
  • irezumi893 said:
    U're ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! \m/ Sep 21
  • CiWWAF21 said:
    you guys are awesomee Apr 02
    Gahhhh best fucking band , u guys are amazing, loving melodia. P.S. Get better craig. Mar 19
  • keough06 said:
    you'z guys rock and i don't think it would hurt to upload at least one track haha Oct 09
  • Jasmine said:
    bloody love you guys Oct 08
  • brenduh said:
    tracks ^o^ please Mar 29
  • Intradermal said:
    A few songs would be nice guys. lol Love your music, totally want it on my list! Come on! Please?! ~*Tabitha*~ Aug 06
  • heyluno said:
    Add asfsadfasdfasdfadsfadd some songs boys! Sep 15
  • heyluno said:
    They should really put some songs up. Aug 17
  • Intradermal said:
    Oh come on guys.. I want some music!! Pleaaase! ~ Tabitha ~ Jul 29
  • pinkpanther567 said:
    hey man, you guys got to put get free on here Jul 08
  • THE amazing RANDO said:
    I LOVE YOU GUYS SO much. i learned how to play some of your songs a while back and i think you all are great. Jun 19
  • Marmaduke said:
    to bad vision valley was the most pathetic 30 minutes ever put together. Very disappointed Jun 19

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