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Varsity Killers

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Genres: Rock / Metal / Blues

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Stats: 0 fans / 25 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Jeff Knol, Yuri Pavlov, Josh Vanity Giebel, Steve Rozegnal

The Varsity Killers are a hard rock band from Grand Rapids, MI, whose sound has been described as rock & roll with underlying classic heavy metal elements. The band’s current lineup has been together for a little over 8 months now, and in those months The Varsity Killers have been writing new music non-stop, and playing shows any chance they get.

While the current lineup hasn’t been together for very long, The Varsity Killers are the culmination of a two and a half year collaboration between guitarist Jeff Knol and drummer Yuri Pavlov. The band’s tight live sound and energy can be contributed to the chemistry between the 2 founding members, as well as the talented group of musicians that have formed to make The Varsity Killers one of Grand Rapid’s most exciting up and coming bands.

The Varsity Killers are a unique band in that they do not commit themselves to a single genre or style of music. While the main sound of The Varsity Killers is hard rock, there are a variety of different influences and styles in their music that make them accessible to fans with varying tastes. The band’s style is drawn from the various musical influences of each individual band member, which, when combined, makes for an eclectic sound that is specific to The Varsity Killers.

Now with a full lineup, a newly recorded 3 song EP, and plenty of new material in the works, The Varsity Killers are looking to take over the rock & roll scene in Michigan and beyond.