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The Vandon Arms

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Genres: Punk / Folk Rock / Punk

Location: Des Moines, IA

Stats: 752 fans / 33,813 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Buz, Hutch, Elliot, Craig, Moosher, and Clint

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In a damp, cold basement just off of Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa, The Vandon Arms started off as a group of friends playing the music they loved for no one but themselves. There were no fans, no Myspace or Facebook pages, nothing for sale, and no disillusions of being rich and famous. The early get-togethers resembled drunkin sing-alongs more than any band rehearsal. The group and their friends would belt out old Irish choruses at the top of their lungs for hours.

In 2005 the band's genre was relatively new to most people. With bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, who were far from their current standing at that time, being the only real chance for people to hear a similar sound. As word spread of a new band in town with a unique sound the demand for The Vandon Arms began to grow quickly. Once the group started taking part in local shows their popularity increased at an incredible rate. The band wasn't just known for their unique sound and catchy melodies but a Vandon Arms show was a big party. Bands wanted to play with them. Venues wanted to book them. To this day the band's live performance is what they are best known for.

With their popularity on the raise, in 2006 the group recorded their first EP, Losers and Boozers. A few years later the group saw the release of their second EP, Health to the Company, as well as the introduction of a new drummer, Hutch. With Hutch in the mix The Vandon Arms have been able to up their live performance as well as improve the dynamics of the band. In 2010 the group had another busy year. They released two new albums, The Sent Off EP and Live and Worse Than Ever, as well as added two new members, Craig and Moosher. Craig was always a good friend of the band and when bass player Elliot left for Marine Corp duty in Japan he was a natural choice for the band. Moosher was brought in to help fill out the sound with acoustic guitar, banjo, etc.

Today Buz, Clint, Hutch, Craig, and Moosher still carry on the same attitude that came with those early basement sing-alongs. Their music and live shows are simply about having fun, not making money, being cool, not being cool, or anything else that too many other bands get caught up in. This has always been and always will be the band's philosophy. As long as fans want to hear Vandon Arms music and turn out to see them live, they'll keep playing.


  • Rachelallan said:
    Just awesome!! Jul 11
  • Siberian Bear said:
    I want to drink with you guys. Feb 08
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    yessssssss Jan 30
  • whittney said:
    This is really quite good. Do you guys every play in New England? You should consider it if you don't. Apr 30
  • Heel It Now, Dig? said:
    Hee. You music makes me smile! Jun 02
  • Eda said:
    you guys rock. (notice that i didn't add any more onto that because, quite frankly, i don't think i need to. you're just great.) May 01
  • xxDemonata said:
    would love you to come all the way down here XD please let me know if you do =o. Feb 27
  • azenigmachic said:
    you need to come to madison, wi. please? Feb 23
  • jude 777 said:
    unique tunes n lyrics...cool. nvr heard such genre like dis b4...lol rock on... Feb 09
  • LILDVL said:
    The new tune fits in with the rest of your songs in my unwritten book of Kick Ass Celtic songs. Feb 06
  • LILDVL said:
    I think you need to make a trip up to Minneapolis. (its a little town about 3 hours north of Ames) Jan 17
  • Blanco said:
    damn, music is pretty hot, keep it comin. Jan 16
  • TheCrusher said:
    nice jams, guys Nov 29
  • justcauseshedances_x said:
    I love Vandon Arms :]] Nov 20
  • -Crazy_Punkette- said:
    i love you too Nov 20


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