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The Used - "Blood On My Hands" NEW SONG (better audio)


Added Jul 02, 2009

The Used Kansas City, MO 5/22/2009 Better audio quality.


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  • jamiebn88@gmail.com said:
    i just got the picture disc for this single, so good! it made me so excited for the rest of the album on sept 1st! here are some pics of the record: http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/jamiebn88/blood%20on%20my%20hands%20vinyl/?albumview=slideshow Jul 13

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Aug 02

Osaka, Japan

7:00pm at The live house soma
Aug 03

Tokyo, Japan

7:00pm at Liquid Room
Aug 05

Bangkok, Thailand

7:00pm at Hollywood Awards
Aug 08

Taichung City, Taiwan

7:00pm at Heart Town Festival
Aug 10

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

7:00pm at MusicZone