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The used - On my own acoustic cover


Added Jul 02, 2009


So, yesterday i made my first video singing :P Thought i should start doing this to a habbit so i can evolve my singing "skills" and might get some good tips from the anonymous people of the internet. Well, here is my own interpretation of The Used - on my own, since im capable of hitting those high notes i made my own little version :P Well enjoy folks :D


Comments (4)

  • lunarpixie said:
    unbelievable voice dude!!! amazing cover. looking for more from you!!!! May 18
  • subho bhattacharyya said:
    Your music is truly mind blowing! Please visit the site www.uploaded.tv where you can upload ur own videos, music, n photos. You can even upload ur own videos to real TV, worldwide! Become a member now! Sep 03
  • .trixie;sykes. said:
    Nicee :D Jul 04
  • Ash(lyn) said:
    Good job. :) Jul 04

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