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Released May 18, 2007

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Comments (14)

  • Mara :) said:
    earthquake I love me this song brings back memories Jun 04
  • GibsonGirl said:
    i love you guys but especially you bert ;) May 24
  • emma801 said:
    AMAZING!! :3 Apr 28
  • XxTheWallflowerxX said:
    I luv how you guys did that one song with MCR, "Under Pressure". It sounded really good, you should do more songs with them! May 29
  • shannon said:
    I love all of these songs. Pretty handsome awkward is my fave. i love the title even by itself XD i have the bird and teh worm on my phone and ilisten to it every day on my way to school good job yu guys xo. Apr 18
  • said:
    they kick ass... & your not a true fan unless you knew them before they started playing the new songs off \"Lies For The Liars\" all the time Jan 25
  • beckaz bananas 4 escape the fate said:
    this album freekin rocks!! Jan 16
  • matt shippy said:
    ya need 2 add smother me it rox :D Dec 25
  • CrimsonAngeL15 said:
    i love paralyzed... this song played at my 1st homecoming... it was awsome Nov 02
  • Liquid Cocaine said:
    awe-inspiring, Amazing. I heard that Pretty Handsome Awkward was for a \'blond lead singer.\' I\'m hoping it\'s not who everyone thinks it is. Oct 08
  • XDBL0H7 said:
    ya\'ll are auhhmazing. Jul 31
  • Hayley Renee said:
    mmmm....i love the bird and the worm. genius. the whole album is fucking fantastic. Jun 05
  • iTastedKaos said:
    I\'m getting this tomorrow! You guys are my favorite band, no question. I saw you at taste of chaos, it was the best night of my life. May 21
  • Sleeping_On_The_Streets said:
    Brilliant, amazing. So fucking great. Can\'t wait til it comes out. May 20

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