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The Unethical Development of Hopeless Romanticism Pro


Genres: Experimental / Rock / Alternative

Location: Coraopolis, PA

Stats: 467 fans / 135,279 plays / 0 plays today


Members: J. Michael Storey, Jason A. Wendle, Nicolas J. Baxter, Christopher J. Stowe


  • Fleshy said:
    I was looking back on my artists saved and I remember there once being music here or did everyone just become a fan of the name...? Jul 12
  • Danielle said:
    dude.i LOVE the name but tracks!? Apr 21
  • XxXLillyXxX said:
    iluv the name... now u need music lol ^-^ Apr 21
  • jes said:
    lovee the name so why dont you have songs? Apr 13
  • Stephanie! Stephanie! said:
    D< ADD TRAAAACKS. Jan 26
  • ExTrAvAgAnZa said:
    bummer... no tracks.. Jan 23
  • wilted_parade_of_dreams said:
    love ur name guys and its perfect fo my life :} Dec 15
  • wilted_parade_of_dreams said:
    love ur name guys and its perfect fo my life :} Dec 15
  • Kristen said:
    the*** Nov 01
  • Kristen said:
    i love hte name, but i would love it more if u had some songs Nov 01
  • ashleighh the hippie :D said:
    i completly love the name of your band. im thinkinn you need to put up tracks now (: Oct 03
  • SaRa PiFf said:
    you have an awesome name but you need tracks Sep 29
  • Cat said:
    PUT SONGS ON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 05
  • tanacea said:
    My band uses this great free service. I thought you might want to check it out. www.scriggle-it.com Feb 27
  • musicgrl357 said:
    you guys need to put some tracks on here.... Jan 28


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