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The Twisted Minds

New Album 'Airchitects'


Genres: Punk / Rock / Hardcore

Location: Annecy, France

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4 tracks

Members: Alex Harlé, Nicolas Mollin, Clément Meynier & Nico Roux

Too Many Walls, Not Enough Bridges
Peacelines, Walls of shame
Whatever we call them
20 years from Berlin
Belfast or The Westbank
Separate brothers trying to regress,
They build borders, they fight to lock themselves !
Too many walls, not enough bridges,
Actual stones or fictive fences.
The door is locked, who's got the keys?
We'll make them fall, we'll cross the seas!!
A wise man came and dug a tiny hole,
Then he kept on deconstructing the wall,
And built a place where people come and go.

Waiting here through the ages, the gargoyles over me
Stare at us, mocking smiles implying that we're better at storytelling than at concrete achievements.
Growth is leading us nowhere. Here is what I see :
Glitter flashes, paper houses, credits over generations, we'll leave a gold mine where all the stones are gold-plated.
The more we know and the less we try to make things better, to wonder why our society's declining, is falling apart,
Down to nothing, let's take a new start !
The heritage, we received, was a treasure not meant to regress to the "air-itage" we will leave, too sweetened to conceal its emptiness.
Fly to where concerns are deeper,
A ticket to somewhere new,
A plane that would take us to progress,
But coming to the end :
We've been dumped in the boarding room.

Betraying Myself First
My loving friends please hear my dread, with all due respect I need to claim now
The melodramatic and predictable force by which you created a musical romance.
"I like to think myself to sleep : glory is bound to come.
Allways in quest for a plastic unity, my gestures fight my words !"
Christians and Holy Rome, young fans and ignorance,
I'd never chalk it up, no never chalk it up to the underground.
Tragic icons rejecting reality,
Made up symbols haunting a spot that keeps you down, a compromise of principle !
This scene gives me a fever.
It gives me a fever !
"I like to think myself to sleep : glory is bound to come.
Allways in quest for a plastic unity, my gestures fight my words !"
Would you help me understand where this is going ?


  • emucosa said:
    Hi is...emucosa from brasil..nice the new song..and luv u work..keep working guys.. Mar 13


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