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Released Oct 03, 2006

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Comments (20)

  • Angel Dark, Demon Bright said:
    Very impressive. Definitely has a melodic, unique sound. If only I had some money... Dec 27
  • said:
    the cover art freaks me out. =/ otherwise, i lovee it. =D Dec 21
  • JordynPantsxx said:
    MMMM-AZING. Dec 21
  • Black&White1991 said:
    This was great! :D Loved it :) Dec 21
  • ohsoLAUR-EH-DELIC said:
    oh heyy- ive never even heard of these guys, butttt i think im hooked now. mhmm loveitloveitttt Dec 20
  • feelingthis12 said:
    Ninetime Enemy best tune here! Dec 20
  • neo33 said:
    Very good !!! o_O Dec 20
  • deepelm said:
    nice Dec 20
  • loveyoulongtime said:
    Great job. The image bugs the crap out of me, but it\'s a cool idea. peep purevolume.com/loveyoulongtime Dec 18
  • said:
    i love this album i would buy it if i had money...mm maybe in a couple of weeks but anyways this album is awesome!! PEACE Dec 17
  • jetskid11 said:
    another album falls in the mix of decent, but nothing special Dec 17
  • Mattt27 said:
    great music. has a really enjoyable sound. Dec 17
  • dyl said:
    sounding prettttty goood i enjoi. Dec 17
  • superlame said:
    sweetness... awesome band from SD. listen! Dec 17
  • said:
    has an awesomeness that nobody else has Dec 16