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The Tokyo Static


Genres: Screamo / Rock / Psychedelic

Location: Temecula, CA

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Members: Neil Esoy- Wally Esoy- Eric Parker-

Hey there everyone!

Well we are TOKYO STATIC... not THE Tokyo Static. We are from Temecula California, a small town in southern California. It's a small but slowly growing town... at times very boring, but it's a nice place. The three of us (Neil, Wally and Eric...) are good friends who have known each other since we were pretty young - since the days of playing with action figures and playing tag. There are times where we can get annoyed of each other due to differences but in the end its always good to know we are still friends and will be there for eachother.

Our music would have to be catogorized as the screamo/rock type, but we're still not really sure of where to place our music so if you get a chance to listen to us, you can catogorize our music for yourself :) The only thing that I would have to say is that we are heavy into rocking! Come to a show and you'll know what I mean... Well we love to rock!... and that's it.

We are saving up to make a new compact disc so watch out for that...

The band is:
Neil Esoy- drums
Wally Esoy- vocals/guitar
Eric Parker- bass/vocals

You can listen to our music on Purevolume or you can also go to our Myspace adress at:

Thanks everyone,

Tokyo Static-


  • said:
    i dont get it........r u guys conbinding your band with the perades or something........cause wally is in both........help! Mar 26
  • said:
    hi =] lol i love you guys soo much! ur music is so kick ass! i cant w8 2 see you guys perform! lol sucks that i dont have a myspace!!! sharent does tho! well, juss wanted 2 say u guys rock out loud! can u guys comment back??? idk if u can but like o well. ok well bye g2 get off my friends pure now! i lvoe u guys music xx Dec 02
  • smc42190 said:
    Good luck tonight! Jun 23

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