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The Third Axis


Genres: Jam Band / Progressive / Post Hardcore

Location: Arthur, ON

Stats: 12 fans / 1,681 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Steve, Scott, Adam, James

Genres are the devil.

The members of Third Axis enjoy long walks on the beach, fine wine, and snuggling up to a good Star Wars movie. Yes, snuggling up to the movie. That's what i said. They also enjoy fighting back against musical trends and playing what they think is good. They aren't great writers, though, and hope to someday have the money and infulence to have other people write their bios for them. James thinks scene kids are cute, because they look like Final Fantasy characters. We sound like a violation of the Geneva convention.

email us at thethirdaxis@hotmail.com for anything you want.

Please enjoy responsibly.


  • Dallis Cutting said:
    Adam... we gotta chill more.. ill be back in arthur sonn... ill talk to Q and we can jam or something .... keep it up man ...PEACE Oct 24
  • The Bill Styles Experience Feat. Pat and the Bitesize Minis said:
    sometimes i wonder if your music is the only thing holding the world together... keep rocking. even if it hurts, because that rocks even more. Jun 28
  • gagefunk14 said:
    Greeting third axis, but i claim to be your #1 fan Feb 22
  • gagefunk14 said:
    man the guelph show on the 17th was totally awsome, you guys rocked Feb 19
  • gagefunk14 said:
    Steve your a rad guitarist....... i\'ll see you guys in guelph Jan 29
  • gagefunk14 said:
    Man, tonights show was totally awsome, Ypou guys kicked ass Jan 14
  • BeetelgeuseNyx said:
    Excellent work.. especcially for the conditions which you slaved away in. Dec 25


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