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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Christian

Location: Wichita Falls, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Kris Prince

So this is where I tell you about myself and my songs, right? Okay.
Well, I got a guitar about two years ago and like every other teenager I wanted to be in a rock band. Me and some friends played around with the idea for the past two years and I was in two bands. The Hill, and lowercase. A while ago I decided to "go solo," and this is my new name.

I want to make music that people(mainly teenageers) can relate to. I am a rock band.(I call myself a band because I do all the instruments and drums on the songs.) But above all. I. Am. A Christian.

The Music:

- Today's Your Day - The origianl...the one that started it all...I remember the glorious night.
- As I Lay Down **ACOUSTIC** - This is a very cool song that I wrote after thinking about the little prayer, Now I lay me down to sleep...and this song is what came from that
- Breathe - Another fun song to see what all i could so! quite differetn...and it needs more work.
- Walk Away - My somewhat attempt at halfway screamo. But not really. Just a really fun song with a cool breakdown in the middle.

I am still recording songs...slowely by surely, and will have some brand new ones up soon...lets say by...Christmas! i have a song in the works about Christmas, and a few other fun songs that just need some TLC! jk but I can't wait to put more on here. Thank You for Supporting

The Surf


  • 1 2 3 4........FLIP!!! said:
    Hey Bro, I heard about on Christian Guitar, I\'m underoathrocks, which is kinda sad, because they don\'t anymore Jan 09
  • RideMyJaguar said:
    Dudes !!! Killer Christian tunes!!! Check out my lil bros surf rock band \"Horrible Terrible\" here on Pure Volume. Jan 06

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