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The Summit


Genres: Rock / Punk / Pop

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Stats: 252 fans / 30,403 plays / 26 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Greg, Marshall, Bryan, Sonny

The Summit has broken up.


  • Fratagonia Johnson said:
    OMG is it the FRAT MASTER!!!! MARSHALL YOUNG!!! LETTING NOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u guys...simplicity is key :0 keep up the gay work. thank god yall broke up, i thought yall were gonna successfully turn me gay. In the words of Young, "Dude, I dont even know...like we like played with UNDEROATH! Yeah the summit was that good, Warped?! Of course guys. Even though we played side stage and there were 3 girls watching...we still ROCKED our sox off!" TOM PETTY and COUNTING CROWS FOR LIFE!!! Oh btw, Kids...definately an instant classic. "I mean, Blink 182, the Buttholesurfers. They are classics that u have to love! Classic Rock is SO advanced in skill and is the foundation for true rockers! NOT heavy metal. that is a joke. I mean really? Doublle Bass all the time? It is so simple. Listen to OUR songs. That solo in Kids is totally SHREDTASTIC! Way more advanced than ADDEUS!!! They blow. They are the epidemy of heavy metal, double bass and SIMPLICITY." --Marshall Young tells Frat Network. Feb 16
  • tasha said:
    sure..just when i find a good band,there broken up. Mar 26
  • DIANE said:
    by the way, do you have your new band yet?? Mar 05
  • DIANE said:
    at last, at last i have a young man here who is very patience and can do almost anything on the computer. he has pulled up your web page for me and listened to a song with me. i nearly fainted!!! i just hope i know how to do this again. looks fabulous!! Love honey. Mar 05
  • Molly Farrell said:
    you guys broke up? what Feb 29
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    Y\'all are amazing! :D I\'m probably gonna see you guys at Warped one day. :D Rock On! =] Jan 23
  • diehard11 said:
    the intro to give up is absolutely amazing btw. yall are like big brains of music. Jan 06
  • diehard11 said:
    yall are amazing!!! i love every song on here. Jan 05
  • e.boomz said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 17
  • N0RASxonfire said:
    hey, are you guys like, 14? Jul 20
  • Monkeydogeekeek said:
    wow, you guys are pretty good... how OLD are you? haha...brilliant Jun 22
  • kittykat887332 said:
    Chill is officially the best song ever May 19
  • kittyLuvs2RawkHerFaceOff said:
    I love you guys!!! your freaking geniuses!!! >kitty May 05
  • GOSHHxDUMMY said:
    You guys are amazzzinnng:D Mar 24
  • hgblove12892 said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 01

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