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The Still Life (NY)


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Amityville, NY

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Members: Jeremy Pinto, Lou Peragine, Craig Michie, Fitzreynold Cadet and Joey Dina

The Still Life is an alternative pop/rock band based out of Long Island, NY. Founded in the summer of 2005 by lead guitarist/keyboard player, Lou Peragine, and front man Jeremy Pinto, The Still Life is dedicated to empowering young people and promoting a sense of hope through their music, which is based upon their own life experiences. In addition to Peragine and Pinto, the band is comprised of 3 individuals from all different walks of life; each of them with their own stories to share of overcoming hardship. The band is comprised of Joseph Dina (rhythm guitar/backup vocals), Fitzreynold Cadet (bass guitar) and Craig Michie (drums). With an unwavering work ethic and an unbridled passion for music, they crave to perform live and take pride in their art. One look at the five some and it’s clear that these young men are not your typical pop ensemble. Aptly referred to as ‘the baddest men in pop’, The Still Life is on a mission to teach the youth of Long Island and beyond the power of a self-fulfilling mind and that there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Music and Lyrics
The Still Life is known for driving and hook-laden pop tunes as well as high energy and emotional rock. Music armed with furious passion and unpretentious lyrics about life are the platform they utilize to capture audiences. With the ability to transition seamlessly from acoustic ballads, to driving power pop, to high energy alternative, The Still Life vies to have something for everyone. Regardless the theme of a given track, their message is consistent and the underlying emotion shining through each and every arrangement is that of a positive one. On stage, the band explodes with the electric intensity of a super nova. From each track to the next, each song contains deep substance and profound meaning which is a fading trait these days.

“When words fail, music speaks…”

September 2006- “The Clocks & the Canvas EP” Self released
August 2009- “Believe LP” Self recorded/Self released
April 2010- “Unplugged LP” Self recorded/Self released
April 2010- “Race Against The Sun EP” Self recorded/Self released


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    sounds great .... can\'t wait for the EP to be available (especially the drum beats) Jun 25


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