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The Sophomore Year Pro


Genres: Pop / Punk / Rock

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stats: 992 fans / 66,010 plays / 140 plays today






Members: Jay, Michael, Mike and Ike.


The band is currently writing and workin on new songs to released early of next year! Keep your ears to ground..


  • AxL said:
    Really nice. ^^ Thanks for the free mp3. :))) Keep it up guys. \m/ May 03
  • AnnaJay Electric said:
    sounds a little like all time low! luv it!! :) Jan 10
  • Richard Offhand said:
    these songs are really good, full of energy....(Y) Aug 21
  • lyfeisgood said:
    You guys came up on my ipod today. Just thought I'd drop in and say 'hey'. Can't wait for the new stuff! Jul 27
  • Nibbles said:
    you guys aren't gay! these songs are good! May 19
  • ☮ale☮ said:
    NEAT SONGS!!! I LIKE'EM :) May 15
  • Craig Inzana said:
    You guys are really good, hope to hear more songs soon. May 09
  • Eyes_Like_A_Sunset8 said:
    I really love you guyys, so much, you are not at all gay:)) Oct 27
  • sambam, in your pants(: said:
    uhm jake, if their gay, then why are you wasting your time on their page when you could be listening to other music? i think you guys are pretty cool(: Jun 04
  • Jake said:
    gay. May 26
  • Jake said:
    gay. May 26
  • Fame Mercado said:
    I freakin love this band! May 14
  • carlos said:
    dudes... i'm from guatemala, and i just wanna tell u that u rock!!!!!! Apr 29
  • Anna said:
    you guys are freaking amazing! :) Apr 10
  • Anna said:
    you guys are freaking amazing! :) Apr 10

You are Here...She is There

No release date

Search and Rescue Records

The Sophomore Year

Pop / Punk / Rock


London, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Tony Scot

United Kingdom


Bronx, NY


Houston, TX

Leo Cooper



Manhattan, NY

Juliana Maz

London, United Kingdom

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