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The Smoking Popes Pro


Genres: Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 684 fans / 61,782 plays / 40 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josh Caterer, Eli Caterer, Matt Caterer, Rob Kellenberger

Check out a clip from the new Smoking Popes DVD Here:http://www.victorylive.com/smokingpopes/smokingpopes_needyouaround.mov


"Smoking Popes At Metro" is a live CD and DVD filmed at Smoking Popes' historic reunion show at Metro in Chicago, IL on November 11, 2005.

SMOKING POPES HEADLINING TOUR WITH BAYSIDE! DATES TBA. Visit Victory Records.com for more info on Smoking Popes.

Smoking Popes have been a staple in the punk and indie rock scenes since the 1990s, playing a unique blend of up - tempo rock with punk guitars and Brit - pop influenced vocals. Did you ever hear Born To Quit? Its by the Smoking Popes. I thought that album was extraordinary, the most lovable thing Id heard in years, raved musical icon Morrissey. Smoking Popes helped shape an entire generation of music fans and wrote the book for Chicagos indie rock scene. After Naked Raygun, Chicago was the Smoking Popes, says Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. They were Alkaline Trio before Alkaline Trio, they were Fall Out Boy before Fall Out Boy. This band is one of the reasons that Fall Out Boy even exists. Smoking Popes formed in 1991 and released several albums on independent labels before signing to Capitol Records in 1995. Tours with Green Day, Jimmy Eat World and Jawbreaker soon followed, making Smoking Popes a household name in the mid to late 1990s indie rock and punk circuits. The Smoking Popes were a good band that only wrote good songs. They have always been a big influence on Alkaline Trio and are a huge reason a lot of us started bands in the first place, says Alkaline Trios Matt Skiba.

Smoking Popes disbanded on December 19, 1998, but their die hard fan base and extreme, underground popularity never faltered. A oncein-a-lifetime sold out reunion show at Chicagos Metro on November 11, 2005 sparked a resurgence in Smoking Popes fans, leaving the crowd yearning for new material. Bayside vocalist Anthony Raneri looks forward to hitting the road with his heroes this winter. Smoking Popes are one of the most important bands in my life, and probably the most influential in my song writing. To know that they like our band enough to take us on tour is, for me, our greatest accomplishment.

- Action Action
- Aiden
- Atreyu
- Hawthorne Heights
- June
- The Junior Varsity
- Silverstein
- Spitalfield
- Straylight Run


  • nicholas grooms said:
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  • Marie Bak said:
    Yayyyy come to Denmark! Mar 05
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  • Leonardo Del Bianco said:
    Good song and lyrics! =) Jul 22
  • crowdedfear said:
    i know you love me Apr 24
  • trugansta said:
    man i love you guys i cant wait to see you when you come back to your roots when you play lalla Mar 17
  • WindyCityIndie said:
    Hey You\'d like the band I promote! Please Check \'em out Ascot Fire@ www.purevolume.com/ascotfire Mar 07
  • Puffy Ami Yumi! said:
    I recently just discovered you guys by reading an article in alternative press and seeing all artist describe your amazing work..and i must agree it is indeed amazing! i just bought \"destination failure\" and let me tell you the song that i can relate to now is \"they lied\" it\'s helping me thorugh and all i wanted to say is thanks for being such an influential band! i hope to see you live soon! -Puffy Ami Yumi! Mar 03
  • tuckmikein said:
    What can I say about these guys that hasnt already been said throughout this bands career? These guys are inspiration in its truest form. I almost crapped my pants when I heard that they were having a reunion tour. I believe that this band was a victim of circumstance in the late 90\'s when they decided to hang it up. I truly believe that this band can truly flourish in todays music world due to the strong presence of independent music labels like Victory. The Popes can now do what they do naturally and not have the beast of a major label (ie: Capitol) breathing down their neck. I really hope that the younger kids will have the pleasure to see this band play some day so they can see how this $hit got statred!!! Jan 30
  • liz flemke said:
    bring it back! Jan 06

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