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  • matt mahonguy said:
  • Crazykenny22704 said:
    hey if anyone needs the cd Right from the start email me And we can work something out. someone55636@yahoo.com. put in the subject -- The Skeptics-- just so i know what the mail is May 07
  • Music And BMX said:
    Seen you guys in 04' at vans warp tour nampa idaho. i bought your disc in line and loved you guys since. please come back, my lock and key disc is warn out, and i cant maintain!!! Apr 04
  • nicolecl191 said:
    I love you guys... Update your page and tell me how I can get a copy of \'Right From The Start.\' K thanks =] Aug 22
  • nicolecl191 said:
    You so need to get Burn Your Scripts up here. Seciously it is the best song in my whole fricken life. I haven\'t heard it in years, thanks to a split CD and you guys are like undownloadable, and no where in stores can I find that first CD. Right From The Start people, you will never hear anything better than that first CD. It was love at first listen. Get it back out guys, I NEED IT! =D Jun 03
  • nicolecl191 said:
    Wow you guys need to getback online and sart updating all your things. And you need to come to CT and play down in New Haven! Also, get the Right From The Start albm back in stores that ablum kicked total butt!! I love you guys so much!!! May 13
  • nicolecl191 said:
    You guys need to put the \'Right From The Start\' album back in stores. I can\'t find it anywhere, and my first copy broke. If there\'s anyway to get it, you think you could like post it on here or your myspace or something? Like I would love you guys even more if you I got that first album back! =D And uh, P.S. you guys are my heros! I LOVE YOU! Apr 24
  • XxBleedinblackandwhitexX said:
    You goys are fucking awesome!!!!!!! Totally fucking buying the CD Jun 27
  • XxBleedinblackandwhitexX said:
    Totally fucking Rock! Amazing music for the ears. Love it Jun 18
  • Jessy said:
    So when are you guys going to ACTUALLY update this page! I mean come on...I could totally do it for you :) Mar 11
  • Jessy said:
    I love and miss my boys! Feb 28
  • santaclausinacowboyhat said:
    i saw you guys at warped like 2 years ago in nyc... you guys are still kickin ass!!!check out my band @purevolume.com/pushforcoin. i can\'t believe i missed the showin queens... come back soon!!! Feb 21
  • SoundsaroundtheClock said:
    you guys are simply amazing. i first heard you at last years Warped Tour. Feb 18
  • Element_Rock said:
    i LOVE YOU Feb 10
  • said:
    What album is \"Wait\" on? Jan 27
  • decorated EMERGENCY xx said:
    i love you, and you\'re music Jan 16
  • moxychyld said:
    hey guys u were awsome last night at empress! and tony thanks so much for the pic and lovely little note in the cd case \"i Jan 08
  • MightyMidget said:
    THE SKEPTICs ARE AMAZING!!! Plain and simple.... Much love,Shannon Dec 18
  • infared21 said:
    Add Comment here...hey guys remeber the guys you talked to in houston like a year back? Dec 07
  • infared21 said:
    Add Comment here...hey guys remeber the guys you talked to in houston like a year back? Dec 07